Beauty: Say NO to dark circles

These days I have such a hard time sleeping. It's dark very early and I am tired all day, but I can't sleep at all. This results in very big and very dark dark circles. Sometime ago I talked to you all about a new concealer stick from Essence and how they had more similair products? Well around 3 weeks ago I bought the Say NO dark circles stick to try out and here is what I think of it. 
I really like how it looks, it's the same as the concealer stick. It's easy to hold and the perfect size to take with you. This one is slightly pink and it has the same way of getting the product out as the concealer. When we open it, the product looks like this:
As you can see the product is not all that big and looks like a big crayon. The point will get very flat when you use it a lot, like my concealer. I have been testing this product for 3 weeks now and I am less impressed than I was with the concealers. The product feels very diffrent on my skin and doesn't really have a smooth application. When I try to blend it with my fingers or my brush, it just kinda stays thicker in the place I first applied it. The product does blend better with my fingers, because it blends better when it's kinda warm. The dark circles did kinda look lighter and more natural, But I had to putt on some concealer powder, BB-cream or setting powder to make it look natural on my face. The product is kinda light pinkish with a slight shimmer in it, which does give a healthy glow under my eyes. 

Overall I don't really like the application of the product, but when I use it in combination with other products it does do what is promisses and is quite easy to use and bring with me. I really love using this product in combination with skin colored setting powder and a highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes. It really brights up my face. I think this product was also around the 2,69 euros which is a pretty good price and I think I can get over the whole "not nice to apply" thing for the finished look.


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