Hidden gems

Now that I already did so many Treasure Box and BBMNBK corners, I decided to do another one. It will probably be less frequent and it's more random than the others. It will be called: Hello!Project Hidden Gems (H!P Hidden Gems for short). This corner will be about H!P music most of the newer fans won't know. B-sides, special songs and album songs will be the main subject. I might also talk about singles people have forgotten about! I don't know how I will decide what songs I will do when, but I really love the random manner. Do understand that these are songs I think to many fans do no know about! It's only my opinion! If you think there is any song I should do, please comment!
 First the Gems will be introduced like this:
What kind of song?: (B-side, single, album song, special song)

The questions for this corner are:
1. Is this song unknown or is it pretty populair? 
2. What is a good prefromance of this song?
3. Where there any outfits for this song? If not what are the outfits for the album/a-side?
4. What makes this song good?
5. When was the last time this song was preformed and by who? (if possible video).
6. Which part should people look forwards to?
7. If this song was prefromed in the next H!P tour, what members should be preforming and in what kind of outfits? (Picture if possible)
8. Ask one other persons opinion about this song:
9. Give this song a grade (1/10 with 1 being horrible, to 10 being awsome)
10. What is the "populair" rating for this song?

The populair rating will be decided through how many time the song is preformed. The songs will be put in order, so we will see which hidden gem is populair and which is less populair! (ofcourse this is only the preformance rate and not the real popularity rating by the fans ;)).  The list will get longer when we get further! 
Please look forward to it


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