Sinterklaas, change and sick

Hello hello everbody!
It has been a while since I had time to post. I am very sorry. There has been a lot going on and I really needed my time. My boyfriend has been home a lot, because the company he worked for went out of bussiness. So I spent a lot of time with him (which is great). Last week we had Sinterklaas. It's a dutch holiday which we celebrate on the 5th of december. I got some pretty awsome gifts (frozen stickers, Big hero 6 golden book, some other books!). The day after we went to Munster in Germany for some Christmas shopping, which was cold, but a lot of fun. 
Yesterday my boyfriend and I changed our room. We decided to put everything in another place eventhough my room is super small. It feels nice to have everything fresh and new. Sadly I didn't really feel good yesterday and last night was kind of a torture. I couldn't sleep longer than an hour, I was warm and cold and warm and cold. I didn't really know what to do, so today I stayed home. I feel a lot better now, although my mouth tasts like puke (I didn't even puke...) which is gross. I try to rest and tomorrow I hope to feel better and be able to teach my students again!
Last week has been another quite boring week in terms of Hello!Project. We didn't get any new information on the group or anything. So it's waiting again for something. We did get the good news of Nakazawa Yuko being pregnant with her second child. So Congratulations! 

Have great week everybody!


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