H!P Hidden Gems: Yoshite Yoshite...

Hidden Gems, songs the fans don't often know, with today a song that is very unknown!
Yoshite Yoshite...
Name: Yoshite Yoshite...
What kind of song?: FC solo-song
Artist(s):  Yoshizawa Hitomi
Year: 2001

1. Is this song unknown or is it pretty populair? 
This song is unknown to most fans. It was released only for the Fanclub members and in 2001.
2. What is a good prefromance of this song?
I have never really seen this song preformed. But if I remember right, Yoshizawa did preforme it in one of her events. (can't seem to find it though..)
3. Where there any outfits for this song? If not what are the outfits for the album/a-side?
You can't really see it, but this is the official cd. So there is an outfit! 
4. What makes this song good?
It's very mellow and slow song. Yossie makes it a very pleasant and kinda elegant song.
5. When was the last time this song was preformed and by who? (if possible video).
I have no idea. I have no official records of the song being preformed. But I remember Yossie preforming it not long ago...
6. Which part should people look forwards to?
The chorus! The Yoshite Yoshite dare ka miteru, is super sweet. 
7. If this song was prefromed in the next H!P tour, what members should be preforming and in what kind of outfits? (Picture if possible)
I would like to hear Zukki, Sakura or Kanatomo preform the song in outfits like Jurin's outfits or the 12th gen's debut outfits:
8. Ask one other persons opinion about this song:
Vivian- The song gives me a feeling of golden era. Not my taste hehe
Sarah-  Ahh, Yoshite, Yoshite.. .makes me feel so nostalgic! It's been forever since I listened to it. I really like how it's really made to suit Yossy's voice =3 Really calming<3
9. Give this song a grade (1/10 with 1 being horrible, to 10 being awsome)
8, I totally adore this song!
10. What is the "populair" rating for this song?
Well as there is no official record of it being performed: 0. 


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