[Graduation Special] Suzuki Kanon: Oh My Wish!

And here we are once again.
Tomorrow will be the day sweet Suzuki, the day you will leave us to follow your own dreams.
As a fan I am so proud of you and everthing you did and everything you will be doing. 

I wish you had more moments in the spotlight, zukki. 
Yet maybe you never needed the spotlight, your smile was a light on it's own.
You always made me and many many other fans smile when you preformed.
But at this moment, Zukki, I can not find my smile.
I can only wonder how I will be feeling tomorrow, how you will be feeling.
Are you happy? Are you relieved? Are you lonely? Are you sad? Are you disappointed?
I wonder how you are right now and if you are thinking about all the wonderful times you had or are you thinking about all the harsh comments you got while being in Morning Musume? 
Beautiful Beautiful Zukki. let your heart be filled with the love of all your fans tomorrow.
I am so sad to see you leave, eventhough I always knew one day this would be happening.
Zukki, I have loved you for years and I am really proud of all the things you accomplished. 
You will be fine, I know you will be.
You are going to chase your own dreams of making others smile.
I know you will do a great job.
Even if you disappear, a lot of people will be rooting for you and wishing you well.
Kanon-chan I miss you already. 
Have a great graduation tomorrow and will you be singing Otome no Timing as graduation song?
 Until we meet again Smile-chan.


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