H!P Review: Samba! Kobushi Janeiro /Bacchikoi Seishun!/Ora wa Ninkimono

And we are back! Today we are going to look at the most recent Hello!Pro release!
Kobushi Factory released their 3rd major single just a week ago and I wanted to have a look at it with you guys, are you ready?
Samba! Kobushi Janeiro/ Bacchikoi Seishun!/ Ora wa Ninkimono is the 3rd single of Kobushi Factory. It was released in 2016 in six version (3 limited and 3 regular). The single will later on probably also release Event V singles. The members for this single were: Fuji Rio, Hirose Ayaka, Nomura Minami, Ogawa Rena, Hamaura Ayano, Taguchi Natsumi, Wada Sakurako & Inoue Rei
As of the 3rd of august the single sold 39.662 copies.
The tracklist for the cd:
1. Samba! Kobushi Janeiro
2. Bacchikoi Seishun! 
3. Ora wa Ninkimono 
4. Samba! Kobushi Janeiro (instrumental)
5. Bacchikoi Seishun! (instrumental)
6. Ora wa Ninkimono (instrumental)

Ora wa Nikimono is a cover of the 3rd opening for Crayon Shin-chan and it's the requirement song for the Ai Odorisai 2016 ~Idol Matsuri~ contest. 

Samba! Kobushi Janeiro
This song was a first listen and love kind of song. I love happy songs. They make me happy and they are usually so fun! And this song was no exeption. I love the style of the song and the instruments used. It's a song that stays in your head and that has a lot of great use of the vocals of these girls. The MV made this song even better. It's fun to look at, colorful and sunny. There are a lot of great shots of the girls and the outfits fit the theme so well. This song really saved Kobushi for me, but that's a perfect subject for another blog post.

Bacchikoi Seishun!
With this song I had the opposite feeling that I had with Samba. This song is so boring. The vocals are great and I like the theme, but yet it's so boring. I kind of like the chorus, but even that's not really my taste. The MV is quite nice. I am a sucker for PV's that have outside shots, but the recycling of the Osu! outfits is just meh. I mean I understand they are japanese cheering outfits, but why use them again. They weren't that great in the first place. The cheerleading outfits are btw also recycled from their last live house tour... I do like the use of different shots and the night/day shots. But overall this song is one I will most likely skip in my iTunes list. 

Ora wa Ninkimono
First of all: I love Crayon Shin-chan, so I was really looking forwards to this. The song is fun and the girls really rock the happy tone. The song is really nice and I like the feel of it. The MV is really cute and crazy which seems to fit Kobushi really nice. Overall it's not really a song I would put on, but it's quite nice and it fits the group really well!

Cover wise this single is pretty strong. I love all Ninkimono and Samba covers, while for Bacchikoi I only like the limited version. But I think there is a great use of the themese, colors and ofcourse the girls. The covers are playful and just nice to look at, which is really important. And ofcourse they have the solo cd covers which look really nice. 

So this single has about 4 main outfits (not counting the recycles Osu! and live outfits). 
The Bacchikoi seishun outfits are quite boring. I mean they fit the theme, but they are not flattering and the shiny sleeves look terrible. It's nice they tried to use their member colors and the caps are cute, but they are just really meh.
The Samba! outfits are really colorful and might remind you of Platinum era Momusu concert outfits. But II like them. The colors fit the theme and the girls look really adorable in them! In this picture they are not wearing the big head things, but even those look really nice on these wonderful girls.!

Ora wa Ninkimono has outfits that look like Shin-chans outfits. They are cute and colorful and make the group look like one. I love the bows and the white in the outfit. For Bacchikoi they also have these other outfits, which I actually quite like. They look like actual sport outfits with their member colors. I like it. It makes the girls look sporty, yet the colors make them idollike. 

Overall I really think this single is great. I love 2/3 songs and most of the outfits. I think this single really gives us a good look at how crazy and fun this group is and how their strong vocals can still do fun songs without going all cutesty. This single is someting to remember this group by and is in my eyes showing how much they have grown as an idol group. 


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