[Graduation Special] Shimamura Uta: I am sorry I am so Adorable

I am late, I know. I was on my way back from a lovely holiday when I heared the news.
Shimamura Uta has left H!P and Country Girls.
Managament stated she terminated her contract because her family and management had a disagreement that could not be solved.

I am heartbroken by this news. Absolutly devistated.
Uta was one of those Idols you love from the moment you see her. She was shy, fresh and so pure. I really love the whole feel she has around her and her preformance was so adorable. 

I had been supporting Yamaki Risa from the moment she joined the Kenshuusei and still Uta-chan beat her at being my favorite Country Girls member. She was pushed a lot and got lots of screentime and I loved it. She looked so good being the center of attention and her shyness about it all, made her even more adorable and inresistable.

For me the balance within Country Girls was quite perfect. I mean I know Uta was pushed a lot and maybe a little bit to much, but she was my favorite so I didn't mind. 
All the girls were cute, fresh and had a quite unusual feeling about them, like something that H!P never had before. I loved the dynamics within the group and how much they complemented eachother. A good looking group with awsome girls in it.

And then their first single sold really good. They debutted without indies and they had amazing sales. I was super happy for them and saw a bright future for the group.

And then Uta-chan left. I was on a vacation, so I didn't see the whole speculation. I was shocked, honestly I am still shocked. Of all the girls who would leave, I could have never picked Uta-chan. If I am honest with you, I have to say I am still waiting for someone to tell me it's a joke or that I had a nightmare. But it's not gonna happen. Uta left and that's it.

A lot of fans want to know why. With Aina we had the same statement and now that she is back to showbizz we get a whole diffrent story. So I understand that fans think it might not be the real reason.

For me it's simple. Uta left and she won't come back. I hope she had a say in this decision and I hope she enjoyed her time as an idol. She is very much loved and supported. Whatever reason she had or her family had, it must be with the best intentions for her. And as her fan, that's all I want. I want Uta-chan to be happy and I want her to do whatever she want's to do with her live. 

As for Country Girls, I think they will be fine. All the groups are always fine eventhough they lose members. They might have some lower sales, due to Uta fans not buying singles. But I think overall the group is strong enough to go on. 

I hope one day I will get over this and move on supporting Country Girls as a 5-nin group. But for now I will just miss Uta-chan and hope the best for this sweety. 

(I know she didn't graduate, but yet I placed her in the Graduation special section)


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