2016 Member Ranking- C-ute

Hello and welcome again on my blog!
From today on we will be doing a 2016 ranking!
Let's see which members are on what place in my ranking.
Each group will have their own ranking and we will end with a top ten overall members!
I did the ranking with one of these Ranking games, so all members are actually ranked in one go, so I don't really know who ended up were, although I have (ofcourse) a idea.
We will start with:
Number 5
Gomene Naki~ At 5 we have Nakajima Saki. I never really had a thing with Saki. I think she is beautiful, I am really envious of her hair and I adored her in Petitmoni V. Yet in C-ute, I sometimes forgets she is in the group. Not in the way that I think C-ute is a 4 member group, but she is just there. 

Number 4
Maimai is number 4. That's about right. Hagiwara Mai sometime really gets me with her cheeky face and sometime I feel really meh about her. Her vocals aren't always that great, yet I find that Mai has a certain aura around her that really makes you look at her. 

Number 3
Our Ame Onna. Yajima Maimi is so beautiful. I don't really have a thing for her voice, I mean it's good and stable, just not my thing. But I could never deny her beauty. 

Number 2
Okai-chan. Okai Chisato really moves me. Her voice is so amazing and she is really tiny and pretty. I love Chisa and I am really proud of her. She went from being a back girl (like Back Back girl) to one of the mains. Not a lot of girls have pulled that of. 

Number 1
Yet no girl in C-ute could ever beat Suzuki Airi for me. Gosh is this girl beautiful, sexy and funny. H!P and UFP should call themselfs lucky to have someone like Airi. She is vocally so stable and she sings so beautiful. I sometimes get emotional just by listening to her sing. Airi for me is a perfect idol. She is the ultimate Idol and I hope she never stops singing.

I guess there were no suprises here. Airi and Chisato have been my top 2 in C-ute since forever.


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