Hello!Project Covers: Favorites (2012 edition)!

Did you'all miss me? Probably not, but hey! 
Today I am back with something that a lot of fans like to talk about: Covers.
A very important part for me about Single/Album releases are covers. I need some good covers to get me to buy the cd, otherwise I will just get them on iTunes (if available). 
So Covers. These days H!P releases their singles in many MANY different versions, so many covers to choose from. Today we are going to look at some of my favorite covers of the year 2012. 
I randomly choose that number, so I don't even know which ones will be on this list! 
We will start witht he first 6 months of 2012, because men were there a lot of singles releases back then....
2012, January till June

Hatsukoi Cider/ DEEP MIND- Buono! (Single V)
I am starting this off with this cover and gosh is it bland if you look at it like this. Yet this is one of my favorite covers, not because we see the girls so clearly, but because it was inspired by the Beatles! I really like it when a cover has a story to it and still can be as simple as this one. 

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra- Morning Musume (Limited B)
Ah Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, I might be one of the only people who loved it to begin with and is still liking it today. This cover really had some thought into it. I like the some what bobble head look the girls had and them coming out of a clock fitted the theme so nice. I really liked it. Ofcourse I would have likted it more if the girls were bigger, so we could see them better, but this is a cute cover. 

Be Genki ~Naseba Naru!~ - Berryz Koubou (Limited C and Single V)
So Berryz Koubou has always been Amazing covers or horrible covers. Nothing really in between, but with Be Genki there were a lot of nice covers (Limited A is also great, but this is about favorites right?). I really think both Limited C and Single V are really beautiful and eye pleasing covers. To start of the girls look AMAZING and like actual superhero's. Limited C is really beautiful in terms of color and thought into the covers, while Single V is so radiant and glorious. I think this might be some of my all time favorites. 

Renai Hunter- Morning Musume (Limited E and Event V2)
I really didn't wanna look back on the terror that is the covers for Renai Hunter, but these two beauties came back! I mean Risa was just beautiful to begin with, but these two covers show her playful and cool side and are both glorious in design. I love how close up Limited E is and how her hair falls. Event V is just so Risa, the colors and the way she looks and the hairstyle. It's perfect. 

Kimi was Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku- C-ute (all versions)
Kimi wa Jitensha might have had some of the best covers EVER. I really am a sucker for white covers with a lot of smaller colorful things going on. The outfits looks so casual and cute on the girls, the drawing of the train and the whole feel of these covers. All of them really showed something new for C-ute that I loved. Great Great covers.

Lastly I would like to point out a cover that is not my favorite cover, yet I really like it and really want you all to see it, as I think not many will even know this is a cover:
S/mileage had the weirdest covers ever for Dot Bikini, but this one with them on weight scales was just so weird. It made me laugh and stood out to me, because it is a controversial topic and all. Around this time S/mileage was sort of in a crisis after Yuukarin left and gosh there covers were sooooo bad. Same with Manoeri, who's covers were just boring and plain. 

So what are your favorite covers from around 2012 January until June?


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