2016 Member Ranking- Morning Musume '16

Let us rank some more. 
Last time we still had Rihoriho and Zukki by our sides.
Now we are two members down and a lot has happend.
I wonder how my ranking changed with the members!
Morning Musume '16
Number 11
Haga Akane is the first girl on the list. She dropped two places and is now the lowest ranking Morning Musume member. Akane is adorable, yet she failes to impress me in any way. I don't really enjoy her voice, nor her preformance. She looks so shy and eventhough she has been with Morning Musume for 2 years, she still acts like a newbie. I really hope she will grow more once she gets some Kouhai to take care of. 

Number 10
Makino Maria went up a place. I'll be honest, I am starting to see her charm and beauty, which makes me really happy. I jus want her to grow a bit more mature and than she might go up more. She really has a cute face and she can look impressively beautiful. Now we just need to hear her singing more. 

Number 9
Ah, Fukumura Mizuki, Leader, when will you start impressing me more? Mizuki is beautiful, let's start with that. I love her photobooks and her hair. Yet her singing is just not that impressive and she has so many notes she misses. I also wish she was a stronger leader and that she would push 12th gen more. I think she needs to become a leader instead of a Hello!Pro fan. Fuku did go up one place.

Number 8
Nonaka Miki, our english girl, is at number 8, which is the exact same place as last year. Miki has quite a voice and I think she is really cute. Yet management is really pushing her to be boring. She is promoted as the english speaking girl and that only. It makes me so sad. Miki has so much more to offer, but well she is only here to talk english to us....

Number 7
This girl. Sato Masaki. I have such a Love/annoyed thing with this girl. Masaki is a great preformer. I adore her emotions on stage and the way she sings. Yet she can act so spoiled, which is so annoying. I love how amazing she sounds with Oda and how mature she has been looking lately. So this year she won a place and beat Miki-chan. 

Number 6
Ishida Ayumi. I love her. Such a beautiful and talented member. Yet she still is at the same place as last year. I think Ayumi is at her best right now. Shining and beautiful. How long will we be able to look at her? I wonder. 

Number 5
Okay at number 5 we actually have two members, but I kind of changed it up myself. Ogata Haruna has dropped one place. I love this girl so much. Yet she has been in the background and never really does anything to catch our attention, or maybe she doesn't really get the chance. Still I think this girl could be front material if she was allowed. 

Number 4
You go girl! Kudo Haruka has been really impressing me more and more. Her preformance on stage and in theater are really winning me over. She is by now on the same level as Harunan and Eripon. I love her so much and I am so proud of how she is growing up. She was so impressive in Zoku 11nin! I need more of Haruka, like right now! Give her a drama or a lead song.

Number 3
Kyaa~ Harunan. How much I adore Iikubo Haruna. Beautiful and stylish, as you expect of Morning Musume's oldest member. Never leave us please Harunan. I still love her voice. I know many people don't, but I do!! Who doesn't love themselfs some sweet sweet honey time?

Number 2
Oh Eripon. You really scared me with your announcement, but I couldn't be more happy for you. A photobook for Ikuta Erina, like you deserve!! You have become so elegant and beautiful lately. Go get that center spot <3 It is funny how Ikuta and Iikubo are always interchanging their positions. 

 Number 1
OMG, aren't you all suprised? Oh, wait. Isn't Oda Sakura the girl on my header for my Sakura Mankai Blog? Ha ha. Yes I love Oda Sakura the most. She is my super number 1. My suppin Utahime. I love her. Her voice is amazing, she is beautiful, her dancing is WOW and well she is perfect. I adore her. Just listen to Suki Dakara... for their last musical and tell me she isn't perfect.

No big suprises here right?


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