Beste Juice=Juice outfits!

Outfits are so important! Outfits can make or break a single/album. They are what the public will see and what the girls will preform in. So today let's have a lot at some of Juice=Juice's best outfits. I will consider single, album, concert and other outfits!

Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no Kiss!
I love these outfits. or actually I love Tomoko's outfit. I though this outfit was pretty, beautiful, elegant and sexy. I love the layers of the skirt and the use of color. It looks traditional spanish, yet very modern. For me this outfit is everything. (but please burn Akari's pants/leggings).

Photoshoot outfits
These outfits! I though they were beautiful. They are mostly just very flowy dresses. They look light and they make the girls feel so angelic. I really love Tomo's and Yuka's dresses. They fit them so well. I least like Karin's. Her outfit looks like a bag, a pretty bag, but a bag. I love the flowers and wish from the bottem of my heart that these were outfits for a single. 

Countdown 2016
I adore these outfits. I know everyone in Hello pro had similair outfits, but they are so cute! The skirts are beautiful and the lash makes it so elegant. I really think they look pretty in these outfits! And the white, it makes them look so pure. 

Cute outfits 
I really don't know from what this picture is. The girl actually look quite sick. Yet I think the outfits are really pretty. I love the pink skirt with the white see through part. The jackers are really pretty and stop at the right point to flatter their bodies. 

 Christmas 2015 outfits
I am a sucker for anything christmas and this is no exeption. I really like the color combination and how cute the outfits are. Sayuki is wearing my all time favorite, as the skirt looks really amazing on her and the shoes really fit the color. Akari's outfit is also really pretty on her. With Yuka I wonder what they thought with her shoes... 

Hinafest 2015
These very light outfits are from a Hinafest if I am right. I though they were quite flattering and cute. The colors look really nice and they look like soft clouds for some reason. I am in love with Tomoko's and Akari's hair here, but we are talking about outfits. 

Miracle doll photoshoot
I love this. I love the colors. I adore the shoes. The skirts are really prety and cute and gosh those hair accesoires. The only thing I would change is the color of Akari's shoes. They are ot the same color... But I really think this was nicely done. The outfits are almost the same, but have things that make they differ and it is amazing. 

1st Photobook
Another way of using almost the same outfits, but still make them different. I really love the soft colors used and the way the outfits fit the member. I really am a sucker for pastels and this shows that again. I am in love with Tomoko's outfit and the way Karin's hat fits her head. 

Otona no Jijou
Here we have some outfits that are great for preforming and photoshoots. They are cute, have something going on and they are well fitting. I really love the cat masks and the hats. The whole feel of this outfits fits Juice=Juice and the color is really pretty. 

That's it for now. There are probably a lot of outfits that are wonderful that I didn't mention. But to be honest with you guys, I am not a big fan of most Juice=Juice single outfits. Most of them are boring or just way to casual to be in a best list. What do you guys think? And what is your favorite Juice=Juice outfit?


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