Dream Setlist: 9th gen Mini Live ~PonPon no Jidai~

I have been planning/thinking about so many fun events within Hello!Project. 
Today I wanna talk about an event just for 9th gen, although we only have PonPon left. 
I would call the event 9th gen Mini Live ~PonPon no Jidai~ as it's their time to lead Morning Musume and bring them to a new point!

1. Watashi no Jidai
Watashi no Jidai is really a song that I find fitting for PonPon. It's their time to shine and to lead Morning Musume forth, just like Michishige and Tanaka when they released this song. 
2. Rainbow Pink
Rainbow Pink was one of the first songs Ikuta got to sing on stage (with Michishige). Mizuki, ofcourse, has pink as her image color, so this would be a nice song for them to do. 
3. Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai- Fukumura Mizuki
Mizuki loves Tsugunaga and this song is the Momoko song of Berryz. 
4. Yowamushi- Ikuta Erina
Ikuta has done this song quite a few times and she rock is. Furthurmore it is a song done by Niigaki-san, which speaks for itself. 
5. Haru Beautiful Everyday 
I think this duet is just really nice and I think it will fit PonPon verywell. 
6. Maji desu ka SKA
The event should end with the song that started it all! 

What do you think PonPon should sing if they had a joint event? What songs did you like on my list and where would you change things?


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