Dream setlist: Morning Musume 2016 Spring Tour

Another new segment? Yes, another one!
This segment is about setlists. I love concerts and I love setlists.
It's always great to see which songs the girls will be singing and in what line-up.
So what is this segment about? My self-made up dream setlists!
I made quite a few already, with theming and sometimes even stage settings. 
Are you ready for this? Because I totally am!

The first concert setlist I have made up is: 
Morning Musume 2016 Spring Tour ~Welcome 13th gen~
I am totally assuming this will be the first concert with the new girls. Ofcourse we don't know when they will arrive nor how many there will be, but that's fine! 
I thought this tour up as a homage to the old Morning Musume, to the current one and the future one.
Under the break you will find the full setlist (with video's of the lesser known songs cause why the hell not) and some additional comments! Please let me know your thoughts! 
(Please ignore that the break says older posts.. it will lead you to the full article). 
1. New song 1
I imagen them starting with one of their new songs. This song will showcase all members and give them a chance to shine!
2. Medley:
Maji desu ka SKA (9th gen)
Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (9th gen + 10th gen)
Help me! (9th gen, 10th gen & 11th gen)
Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th gen)
New song 2 (all)
This medley features all the debut songs of all current gens. The idea is that the gen will join in when their debut song is starting. I would for them to have white dresses with some items that belong to their debut song. So 9th gen will have white dresses with the skulls on the skirts, 10th gen will have little Pyoko's on the edge of their skirt, Sakura will have a leopard/pink detail on her skirt, 12th gen will have a mini red fan on their skirts and a bit of silver detailing. 13th gen will also have details on the skirt depending on their debut single. 
VTR+ Introductions
3. Renai Hunter
4. Watashi no Jidai (9th gen)
Well, I thought this would be fitting. PonPon combi celebrating that they are now in charge of Morning Musume and everthing they have achieved. 
5. Aki Urara (10th gen)
This is just an awsome song that I think will fit the growth of 10th gen!
6. Sakura Mankai (11th gen)
Sakura is called Sakura, so let her sing this song! And also it's the opposite of Aki urara (autumn against spring). 
7. Guru Guru Jump (12th gen)
I think a happy song like this will really showcase how young and joyful 12th gen is. 
8. Suki na Senpai (13th gen)
This was a given right? It will be a longer version however, because I hate it when they do the short version of such an important song.
9. Kanashimi Twilight (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)
I really want Eripon to do Yoshii's bridge part. 
10. Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku you na Mirai de Are!
This song is always a joy for the eyes and ears. This song can really get the crowd going.
11. Densha no Futari (Ikuta, Iikubo, Kudo, Oda, Ogata, New Girl)
This is one of my favorite "older" album songs. I think it's a really fun song and I can totally see the girls I choose rock it. I really really need this!
12. Ikimasshoi! (Ishida, Sato, Nonaka, Haga, New Girl(s))
This song is so easy to sing along and it has a lot of great chanting parts! 
13. Aishuu Romantic (Fukumura, Makino)
Let's get those pink ladies sing a song togheter!
14. Hand made City
15. Old school medley:
Morning Coffee (Fukumura, Sato, Kudo, Oda, Nonaka)
I Wish (12th + 13th gen)
Manatsu no Kousen (Ikuta, Iikubo, Ishida, Ogata)
Koi no Dance Site (Makino, Haga--> All)
Da Di Du De Do Da Di! (all)
Ai no Tane (all)
So for this I picked some older song by Morning Musume. It is about time they do something with their old songs again, like Morning Coffee or Ai no Tane. And Da Di Du De Do Da Di! It's such a nice and fun song. It's quite mellow and I think it will fit the current members. 
16. Colorful Medly:
Wakuteka Take a Chance
Ai no Gundan 
Tiki Bun
Not much to see hear. 
17. Wolf Boy
18. Moonlight Night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~
19. Sexy Cat no Enzetsu
All of the above are songs that make me think of animals. Wolfs, more wolfs and sexy cats. Seemed like a fun thing to do.
20. My Vision
21. Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe 
22. Endless Sky 
I wanted to end the concert with a bit of a nostalgic feeling, eventhough the songs are quite new. A bit ballad like I guess.

23. As for One Day
For this I imagen the girls going on a rainy stage, jackets and umbrella's everywhere. I would really wanna see Mizuki and Sakura do the monologes, because I think they would suit it. 
31. New song 3
If you do not know this song, shame on you. Ship to the future is a really nice and very nostalgic song. I feel like this would be the perfect way to say: we are on our way to the future.

Somehow I feel like this concert would be a total mess, but very fun to watch. I think there are a lot of fun and happy songs in there, dance song and even songs that challenge the girls vocally.  What do you guys think? What would you change? What do you like?


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