Some of the alltime worst Morning Musume outfits EVER!

Morning Musume has so many outfits. You wouldn't believe it.
Today we are going to look at some of the all time worst outfits for Morning Musume.
Now I have to be honest with you: I don't know all outfits, so some terrible ones might be missing. Don't be shy and send me a link or picture on twitter!
Now let's get started with these outfits!

Wakuteka Take a chance 
 Oh god, were these outfits therrible. I didn't like the colors, not the whole idea of the outfit, if there even was one. I think some were really ill fitting (Zukki, Kudo and Mizuki mainly) and they just looked tacky all over. And those boots. 

Ultra Smart Pyoko outfit
Okay, I am a huge fan of the original pyoko outfits, they were adorable. But these concert versions. Yuk. Especially Risa's version, that hat. WHY WHY?

Weird weird dress
We all know platinum Era wasn't that lucky with outfits and urgh this one. I don't even remember which concert it was from, but I think they used it for preforming Guru Guru Jump. I hate this outfit. Yet look how adorbale Linlin looks <3 she is such a cutie. 

Ugly Spanish things
These outfits are obviously inspired by the Irropoi outfit and gosh are they ugly. I don't like the colors, not the weird long things. These outfits are really terrible...

Pika Pika pyama
These outfits. They aren't as bad as some others, but I really felt like they were old pyama's made pretty, which failed. I don't like the color nor how lose they fall. Not good. 

Aruiteru cover outfits
Nah, just nah. These are so tacky and terrible. I do like the red, but all the bling going on and the hair. It's all just a big no and I couldn't be happier these outfits weren't in the clip. Overall BAD.

Pompom fun
This outfit is just to much of everything. What is even going on at Gaki's shoulder. Yet Gaki looks super beautiful and glam. Only for her pretty face is this a picture I adore. 

Chance card 
I really liked the theme of this concert and the cards really fitted the theme. But oh my gosh were they weird and ugly. I liked them in the concert, but lose they are horrible. 

Platinum 9 
These outfits are so tacky. They look like aluminium foil wrapped around them. The dresses are actually quite nice, but the material is horrible. 


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