Juice=Juice week: Miyamoto Karin

Miyamoto Karin
The center of Juice=Juice
Name: Miyamoto Karin
Nickname: Karin
Color: Grape
Birthday: December 1, 1998 (18)
Joined H!P: November, 2008

Miyamoto Karin is the longest serving Hello!Pro member in Juice=Juice. she has been part of Hello!Pro since 2008, which means she was only 10 at the time she joined! Due to her cute face and small posture, she has been a fan favorite ever since and has had a lot of oppertunities during her time as an Egg/Kenshuusei as well as in Juice=Juice. 
Karin partcipated in a lot of plays and was choosen to be a member of Shin Mini Moni, during the shuffle unit campaign, alongside Linlin (MM), Fukuda Kanon (S/m) and Takeuchi Akari (Egg). She was one out of three Eggs that were choosen to be part of these shuffle units!
In 2011, she participated in the S/mileage new member auditions and made it to the finals. Sadly Karin wasn't choosen to be one of the new members of S/mileage and stayed an Egg/ Kenshuusei for the time being. She kept auditioning and failed Morning Musume's 11th generation audition as well. Yet Karin was choosen to voice Kopink and released several singles and an album!
In 2012, Karin was choosen to be part of Hello!Pro Kenshuusei's first single "Kanojo ni Naritai!" with Tanabe Nanami, Otsuka Aina, Hamaura Ayano and Taguchi Natsumi. 
In 2013, Karin was finally choosen to become part of a new unit. She entered Juice=Juice with Kanazawa Tomoko, Otsuka Aina, Takagi Sayuki, Uemura Akari and Miyazaki Yuka. She soon became a double center of the group with Otsuka Aina. When she joined Juice=Juice, Karin had to graduate Kopink and held a graduation ceremony for it.
When Otsuka Aina left, Karin became the center of Juice=Juice.
Sadly, around the time their debut single was released, Karin injured her foot and had to preform while sitting on a chair. In the second single Juice=Juice released, Karin couldn't dance and so Ishida Ayumi took her place in the dance shot for Ijwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo.
 Karin later returned the favor and partcipated in Morning Musume '15's Yuugure wa Ameagari and Seishin Kozou ga Naiteiru, because Suzuki Kanon was unable to participate. She was, however, not only featured during the dance-shot, but also got additional screentime, which upset many Morning Musume and Suzuki Kanon fans.
Karin released three photobook: Karin, Karin Sixteen and Sunflower, several solo dvd's/blu-rays, had the leadrole in Juice=Juice's drama Budokan and has been part of the Satoyama Unit Jurin with Sato Masaki (MM), releasing a Dvd single called Hotaru Matsuri no Hi.
Last summer, Karin was unable to preform in all concerts and events planned for Juice=Juice, due to functional dyshonia. She went on a small haitus, yet kept her blog up to date and still participated in photoshoots. She returned on the 31st of august and is currently doing well!


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