Juice=Juice week: My Juice=Juice

Juice=Juice, ah I love this group.
When I got into Hello!Project about 7 years ago (maybe more??), I went through the whole formation of S/mileage, yet I hadn't been a fan for that long and I kind of missed why it was so important.
With Juice=Juice this was totally different!
I had been following girls like Karin and Aina since they joined Hello!Pro and had been hoping for their debut. When the group was first announced, I was really excited and started to look for more information about the girls I knew less about. I also remember knowing who Yuka was, as I had been rooting for her during the S/mileage auditions and loved her in Green Fields.
Eventhough I had been support Karin, Aina and Yuka for longer, Kanazawa Tomoko took over my heart very soon. I found her so interesting. Such a cool beauty and such an unique voice.
I followed every update I could get on them and started collecting good (I will talk about this in another post). Juice=Juice actually made me buy my first single on CdJapan!
I supported Juice=Juice by buying their indies single, even Ten Made Nobore! was in my collection and I remember a lot of people wondering how I got it, as it was only available at an event at the time (thanks to Alita and NoCountryfortallmen).
During that time, I never thought Juice=Juice would one day come to Europe let only come to a place only 2 hours from my hometown. When a group is just debutting, things like that seem so far away, yet now I get to see and meet them in just a matter of days!
I stopped actively collecting goods, as it costs a lot of money and well they are just photos. They are nice photo's let me tell you, but well, they are just sitting in a map and that's it. 
I love Juice=Juice. Their music is amazing and I love the vibe the group gives of.
I am really happy they are welcoming their new members as they are, because it must have been really hard to get new members after being with the 5 of them for so long. I welcomed them. I love Ruru so much.. Another girl I have been following eversince she joined Hello!Pro. 
For now I hope Juice=Juice will stay around for another 4 (more!) years and I hope to keep supporting them for all that time!


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