Juice=Juice week: How I prepare for the Juice=Juice concert in Dortmund

In just a few days I will be traveling to Dortmund to finally meet and see Juice=Juice!
I have been dreaming of this moment eversince the group was announced and now it is here.
I have only ever been to one concert by BerryzxC-ute and one live-event/mini concert by Hangry&Angry/Ishikawa Rika & Yoshizawa Hitomi, so I am really excited for this!

The moment I heared Juice=Juice would come to France, UK and Germany, I was really happy. I live in the Netherlands which is inbetween these countries, so one of the location was going to be do-able for me! I actually thought their Germany concert would surely be in Berlin or Munchen, not in Dortmund! Dortmund is way closer to my home!
My younger brother will come with me to Dortmund, eventhough he is by no means a Juice=Juice fan. He does really love Japan and thought this would be a nice concert.
Last time, for the BerryzXC-ute concert, I didn't really prepare to much. I had some thing I wanted to say to the girls, and that was about it. I had thought about getting a green shirt to show my support to Kumai-chan, but green looks so terrible on me...
We went there around 4 am in the morning and arrive around 11am. The handshake was around 12.30 and the concert was around 8pm. I was really tired by the time the concert began... 
This time I am more prepared. I will be leaving home later, so I get enough sleep. I am currently preparing a red shirt to show Tomoko my support and we will be sleeping over in Dortmund for the night. I also thought of some other things, like bringing a (not to charming) fanny-pack, so my cell and other important things, aren't on my back or in a not so handy shoulder bag.  
I still don't really know what to say to the girls... I mean it feels like I know them, yet they don't even know that I exist...I will figure it out later on. 
Make sure you are hydrated enough to jump and stuff!

Oh yes, on facebook it was asked for us to learn the first chorus of Ten Made Nobore, to sing to Juice=Juice during the encore! Please do so!
And remember the handshake event is before the concert!


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