Juice=Juice week: Happy 4th debut anniversary!

Happy 4th debut anniversary Juice=Juice!
4 year ago Juice=Juice released their Major debut single Romance no Tochuu/ Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne (MEMORIAL EDIT)/Samidare bijo ga Samidareru (MEMORIAL EDIT).
The single was released with 5 of the 6 original Juice=Juice members:
Miyazaki Yuka
Kanazawa Tomoko
Takagi Sayuki
Miyamoto Karin
Uemura Akari
There were 6 editions released and later on an Event V version.
The single sold over 43.000 copies.

Originally this single was planned to feature all original 6 members, however member Otsuka Aina left the group before the release. The single was recorded again, yet in some early versions of the MV's Aina could be spotted by a well trained eye.
Later on a picture of all 6 members in the Romance no Tochuu outfits was also leaked.

I am sure we all have fond memories of Romance no Tochuu. I remember it being released and thinking that I liked Watashi ga Iu mae ni better, as it felt so different and fresh from what we had until then. Romance no Tochuu was kind of boring in my eyes. However, the song really grew for me and I started to love it. When the MV was released I was really happy with the feel they were going with and how old school yet new it all looked. 
Ofcourse I was also really bitter about Aina's sudden departure and the Memorial Edits weren't really my thing, as I loved the original versions so much. Yet it was Juice=Juice and that actually made up for everything I didn't like. Kind of weird right?
Now it has been four years since their debut and Juice=Juice is now a 7 member group with 12 singles on their name, an album, a drama, a budokan concert and one upcoming, 220 lives across Japan and a world tour! Juice=Juice has been doing well and I am expecting so much more from them. With the two new members, they are now leveled up and I am sure we are going to be blown away by all the things they are going to do in the next few years!

Happy 4th anniversary Juice=Juice!
May many follow and until Sunday!


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