Juice=Juice week: Takagi Sayuki

Takagi Sayuki
The vocally strong super Monkey!
Name: Takagi Sayuki
Nickname: Sayubee
Color: Lemon
Birthday: April 21, 1997 (20)
Joined H!P: November, 2009

Sayuki is another longserving Hello!Pro member! She was introduced a year after Miyamoto Karin. Sayuki has been part of a Movie, several plays and participated in almost all auditions held since she joined Hello!Project.
Sayuki was choosen to be a member of Juice=Juice in Febuary of 2013 and got the color/fruit Lemon. She soon became the vocal power-house and still wows us with her amazing voice. 
Sayuki released her own Blu-ray called "Greetings ~Takagi Sayuki~" and she was part of a Satoyama unit called Triplet, with Okai Chisato and Kudo Haruka. They released a shared single with two other Satoyama Units, with their song being Dream Last Train.
November 2016, Sayuki announced she was having trouble singing and breathing during her preformances and that this was because of Vocal cord nodule, which she had for quite some time. Yet she wanted to participate in Juice=Juice's last preformances of their 220 goal and also wanted to go to Budokan. After she finished them, she underwent surgery and couldn't talk nor speak for three weeks. In december she finally could go back to singing.

(It really saddens me how there isn't much to tell about Sayuki, when you compare her to Karin..)


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