Juice=Juice in Dortmund

Sunday I finally went to the Juice=Juice world tour concert in Dortmund.
It was so amazing, I have so much to talk about!

As I am from the Netherlands, my brother and I planned to go by train. It would take us about 4 hours to get there, but oh well. We took about two trains in the Netherlands and two in Germany. The trips was actually fine. It didn't feel like a long trip and Germany is just so beautiful. There is so much to see! In Dortmund, it was pretty busy as there also was something with soccer. Our hotel was really close to the station. It was really big and pretty, which made me wonder if we were at the right hotel.
It was the right hotel, so we checked in and got our stuff togheter. We were on the top floor and had a few of the building next to us. We could almost see the FZW from our room!
We got our stuff and our tickets and went out to eat. Ofcourse we went to McDonalds' and got some delicious chicken wings. Guys, we don't have these in the Netherlands!
After our dinner (which was around 15.30) we decided to go to the venue and wait for the concert.
There were already people in sort of a line and we just stood there. I signed a book and a tshirt for the girls and spoke with a nice lady behind me (I wish I knew who you are..) and with Julia and Felice. It was so nice to meet some fans in person!! I, however, am fine by myself and am not that talketive in real life. I am sorry for that....
Around 18.15 all the premium tickets got wristbands (pink ones) so they could see who were allowed to go in early and who had standard tickets. Just before this some japanese fans arrived and started to hand out cd's and goods (thank you again!!). 
It was starting to rain and thunder, when they started to let people in. They did check our bags and we couldn't bring in any drinks, yet it went really fast.

When we are talking about fast, I was busy telling the guard that my brother's waterbottle was empty in Germany when someone started pulling my bag. I had to come in and go on, because the girls were waiting. They were standing in the hall, just a few meters from where I had been busy with the guard! With Berryz and C-ute I had to wait in line for ages and got all worked up, while this time I could just walk on toward the booth...
So I got around some plants and got to Ruru almost immidiatly.. I wrote down what happend right after, so It's pretty accurate! The girls were btw wearing the tour t-shirt and shortpants or skirts in their image colors and high heels (Sandal like).
Ruru was the first one in line. She is so slender and thin. It made her look really long, eventhough she wasn't longer than me. She was very friendly and beaming! I told her in English (panic!) that I was super happy she joined Juice=Juice. She looked a bit suprised by the English, but answered with Watashi mo! and smiled more. She thanked me in german and waved as I went to Nanami.
Nanami had her hair in a side-high ponytail, which made her face look really round and huge, just like her eyes. Dang this girl is cute. She actually stood really out as she looked so young compared to the other members. I said to her: I love Country Girls, she seemed really suprised and said: Me to me to! In English and was very excited. She said Thank you thank you! Danke Schön!! 
I was not prepared for how perfect Tomoko was. She took my hand and looked at me with big eyes and I just sort of shouted: DAISUKI! I am a big fan and she looked suprised and responded with Ehhhhhh~ and then smiled and said Ich liebe Dich! I pointed at my t-shirt which said Watashi wa Rose Quartz and she looked at it for a few seconds and smiled big. Ohhh~ and did the pose she does during the dance. I was so happy and kept saying Arigatou until I got to Akari. Tomoko once more said Ich liebe dich!! 
Akari also pointed at my shirt and went ohhh~. She then said Thank you! Arigatou! I said Daisuki! and she also said Ich Liebe Dich to me. I was pushed on pretty fast with her.
Karin was so petit and cute. She took my hand and looked at me, waiting. I kind of froze and smiled at her, before sort of bluntly saying I love you. She smiled and returned the favor. As I had some time with her I said: I love Jurin! She looked suprised and started pulling me towards her and hung over the table asking me to repeat "again?" So I told her Again I love Jurin and this time she got it! Ahhh watashi no Jurin? Ehhh~ Arigatou!!! Happy Happy! and smiled really big.
With Yuka I again sort of froze. She was super pretty and had this big smile on her face. I told her Daisuki and she answered with Watashi mo! Arigatou! Danke Schön! And I was pushed on.
Sayuki was great! If anyone ever says again that she is fat, I will personally fight them. She was so small and tiny and urgh. I told her Daisuki! And she returned it with Ich liebe dich! As I had time I started babbeling in Japanese (finally) and said, Anata no Koe ga totemo kakoii, to Daisuki? Magic of Love!! She was really suprised and asked me Magic of love, watashi no koe ga Suki? and I kept nodding my head. She got all excited and jumped up saying: Ah~ Matte, Magic of Love! And she said something like: I'll do my best during the Live! Wait for Magic of Love please! I nodded and waved. 
At the end of the table we got the small photobook which was signed by all girls!

(picture from Juice=Juice blog)
After buying the goods we got to the concerthall. It wasn't big and there were less people than I expected but it was perfect. I talked with a dutch guy (what is your name..???) and another fan about Juice=Juice and it was great! It took another hour before the concert started and I'll be honest, I was starting to get really tired.
And so the concert started. It started with Fiesta! Fiesta!, Hadaka no (3x) Kiss and Date Janai. Such amazing songs live! During Fiesta! I had some big eye contact with KanaTomo and during one Te Amo part she actually locked eyes with me and pointed at me. It was so amazing I totally teared up.
During the MC Yuka got really flustred and didn't really know what to say, as they prepared German things to say. The other members and the fans tried to support her in telling what she wanted to say and she sort of got it done. It was really cute. Karin had some things written on her hand which was really adorable. 
There was one song where I locked eyes with Yuka. They were singing about someones smile and I must have been beaming cause she caught my eye smiled big and pointed during Egao, which made me smile only bigger and brighter. 
Sayuki kept catching my eye during Keep on! She is so cute when she finds you and kind of makes that few seconds a thing between the two of you. 
During another so Yuka actually winked at me and I died. Right there. 
There were more times I locked eyes with Tomoko and she did that cute thing where she smiles and makes her eyes go really small. Urgh she danced so much on my side. It was perfect. 
During Goal! Ruru came up and around the last part she caught my eye and smiled, I smiled back and she smiled bigger and kept holding my eye even when she got back in formation. I might have actually blushed due to the attention she gave me during that small part. 
Sayuki actually searched for me during Magic of Love and gave me a private smile when she found me. It felt like she was saying: Watch me! This is the song right!
Other things:
Akari was really professional and did have a thing for people with green penlights. She was super duper pretty, yet looked tired and sometimes a bit annoyed/scared?? She looked a lot at the other members and hoped to catch there eyes. 
Karin is soooo amazing on stage. She knows how to get the attention and how to choose lines to make extra cute or sexy. She really has so much fun on stage! She did forget some lines, which was actually cute, especially when Sayuki caught her eyes and kind of made her pay. 
Kanatomo is so amazing on stage. Her dancing is so sharp and she really beams. Her lines were so amazing! She kept looking up and sharing private smiles, which later on was explained. Her friends grandparents were up there supporting her, which was super cute. 
Yuka is soo pretty. She is vocally the least strong one, but still gets a line across soooo well. I love how she got to sing more in older songs like Romance no Tochuu! Her smiling face is adorable.
Nanami looked so nervous. You could totally tell she wasn't used to everything yet and had to pay a lot of attention to the dancing and singing. Here singing is totally changing into a more cool style, compared to her cute voice in Country Girls. She really is a pro at MC's!
Ruru, oh Ruru, she is so good on stage. Her dancing on point and sharp, her voice so well trained. She got a lot of lines from Karin and Sayuki and NAILED them! It was amazing. And she was so flustered by the amount of orange and the Ruru calls. I do think her dance break during Fiesta might have been a little bit to much. As we were standing below the stage it was a bit weird to see her move her butt that way..
Sayuki was so great on stage. Her voice is so pretty and strong. She was trying to reach each and every fan in the room, which was super amazing. She did, however, seem to have trouble with singing. I think she might be having or getting a cold. She drank a lot even during the dances and sometimes was really trying to keep in sneezes. She however still nailed all her lines, which is pretty amazing!
During the last MC the girls thanked everyone and all held a short speech. It was really cute to see them trying to talk and communicate with us, by using movements and english words. Sayuki tried to say Wunderbar, which is german for wonderful and it was adorable. They tried really hard and all got their names called. Yuka told us about her german song and how she was happy to see us do the Tomoko call during Magic is Love and found the overall chants amazing. 

I actally have a pretty nice haul from the concert. I had my eyes set on the t-shirt. With BerryzxC-ute I didn't get the tshirt and actually regretted it. So this time I wanted the t-shirt so bad! I also got the muffler towel, as it was only 10 euro and well, it just was a nice thing to remember the concert by. I also bought the whole photoset and intent to keep it as a total! Some nice fans gave us Jidanda dance singles and they actually still had the pictures in there! So I got two Tomoko's, Sayuki and a group, which was Amazing. I also got some extra cards (like postcards) and the free mini-photobook. 

Afterwards my brother and I went to the hotel, as we were totally pooped out. We almost immidiatly went to sleep, as our train would leave early in the morning. The next morning we went home and our adventure was over. It was an amazing one though.

I hope Juice=Juice also had a great time! And I hope they will return!


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