Morning Coffee: Current members!

I thought of another Morning Coffee! I was watching a serie in which Michishige Sayumi was living from 10,000 yen for a month. Morning Musume came to visit her and I saw all those young faces and couldn't stop yelling AWW! So today I wanted to look back at the current Morning Musume members and how they looked when they first joined!

Morning Musume babies!
Let's start with our leader: Fukumura Mizuki-chan! Fuku-chan was ofcourse a kenshuusei before joining Morning Musume, but she was such a cutie when she just got in. I remember thinking of her as already quite a mature girl, but seeing her back now, she was so tiny and cute! I mean look at her now! She has gotten so mature and beautiful! 
Ikuta-chan was also so tiny! Look at her hair, it was so long back then. I remember everyone calling her awkward and when we look at her pictures from now, she improved so much! Ikuta was a cute little baby and her black long hair was so beautiful! However she looks like a photomodel now and she improved in every way she could <3!
It's weird skipping Riho and Kanon, but they aren't members anymore. But omg wasn't Harunan the cutest? She was really cute and blossemed into a model. I mean look at that girl! I love how unpolished she looks left and how amazing she looks now. This girl! Her hair was pretty short back than right? 
Ayumin really looked like the girl next door didn't she? Her hair was so long! And beautiful black. I really love how cute and fresh she was back then. And now she has such beautiful short hair and such a cute smile! She really learned how to use the camera right? (this is such a good picture of her!)
Sato-chan might actually have been even more the girl next door. When she was announced a winner I didn't actually recognize her because she looked so different with short hair and a fringe. But she was such a cute awkward little girl and now! She is cheeky and she actually can be really sexy? (Look at aishite aishite ato ippun guys, you will understand me). 
Kudo-chan with a bob! Omg I loved this haircut on her so much! I thought she was the cutest girl in whole H!P Eggs. I really hoped she would get in, so I am still so happy this little cutie got in. And now she is such an elegant woman, eventhough she likes to act all tomboy like. Kudo is such a beautiful and wonderful girl! I still hope she one day will try the bob-cut again, but her current hairstyle suits her so well too!
Ah my odachan! When she just joined they had cut of her really long hair and she got this short bob. She was such a cute, unpolished and fresh little girl! And gosh did she grow up fast. As she has always been in front of Momusu, just behind Riho, she had a very fast idol makeover and look at her now. Beautiful, cute and elegant. 
Ogata-chan changed quite a bit. She hasn't even been in Momusu for 2 years and yet she is almost unrecognizable from her first pictures. I loved her from the start and though she looked so different from the usual girls choosen of Momusu. And now she has gotten soooo pretty! She could very well be a model, cause dang girl you are beautiful!
Mikicha really didn't change that much did she? She looks more polished and idollike, but she actually looks pretty much the same. She is still super cute! 
Maria also didn't really change that much. She is maturing quite a bit and her face is getting more elegant. She looked quite awkward when she just got into momusu, but now she actually works the camera really well. I hope she will become even more beautiful in the future!
Akanechii is actually growing up so fast right now. She kept that baby look she had when she just joined for quite a long time, but now she is getting so big! Look at her being all feminin and adorable. I am really looking forwards to her in the future, if she is like Sayumin, she has such a bright future!

Well that's it for all current members and how they grew up since we were introduced to them! 


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