Inaba Manaka: Will she come back?

Before I start, this is my own opinion and in no way the truth. These are my views on current events and past events. We will see what happens later on. 
Inaba Manaka is a member of Country Girls and a former H!P Kenshuusei.
Sadly she had to announce her haitus in the end of April due to her astma.
Her break will be until after the Hello!Project summer concerts, which will last until september.
A lot of fans are scared she might not return and the question is, how big is this chance? 
So here I wanna tell you guys about my thoughts on this subject.

Do I think Manaka will come back? I honestly do not know.
The Hello!Project history is not really in her favor for as far as I know. 
Some of you might remember Arihara Kanna, who was an original member of C-ute.
The girl in green is Arihara Kanna, she was the only Hello!Pro Egg that ever joined C-ute and the only non H!P Kids member. Kanna suddenly announced a haitus in febuary of 2009 because she had trouble preforming. The official statement said she had a bunion deformity and she would be recieving treatment. C-ute preformed as a 6-member group and released two singles without her. In July it was suddenly announced Kanna left C-ute. She had been on haitus for 4 months and now announced she wanted to be a normal girl. 
We are not going to talk about Kanna today but about Manaka, but yet I wanted to show how a Haitus turned into someone leaving. There are people who think Kanna left after a scandal she was involved in, but this was never proved. Yet she did leave after saying she would be back. 
Manaka's condition is quite diffrent than Kanna's, as it is an illness that she will never recover from. Astma is something that can only get less, but as she is having it more sever due to preforming, it worries me a lot. Ofcourse I want Manak back. I have loved her eversince she debutted in Hello!Pro Kenshuusei, so seeing her officially debut in Country Girls was amazing. Yet I care more for her and her health then I do for her preforming. Manaka loves preforming and she was super proud to debut in a group that has it's roots in her hometown of Hokkaido. So ofcourse I want her to come back and fill her gap in Country Girls.
Yet having astma is really hard on you, especially if you have to dance, sing and preform at the same time. I want Manaka to be happy and healthy, and if she can not be both in Country Girls, I hope she will choose for herself. 
It is always hard for a fan to see a member leave or go on a haitus, without knowing if she will ever be back. BUT everything is still in Manaka's favor. She is still suppose to come back in the fall. As far as we know there is/was no scandal, so why would she leave. 
However, Uta left very suddenly, so it is not something new for Country Girls. She might decide to become a normal girl or maybe her astma doesn't get any better. 

I for sure how she will be coming back in good health, because I am really missing her in Country Girls and can't wait to see her dance again. 
What do you guys think? Will Manaka come back healthy and happy or will she never return to Hello!Project?


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