Tanabe Nanami: My Diamond kenshuusei

Today it was announced that Tanabe Nanami finished her H!P Kenshuusei training.
She has been a Egg/Kenshuusei for 5 years now.

Tanabe Nanami was my first ever H!P audition winner. I had never seen a H!P Audition nor did I know what a H!P egg was. But thanks to her I got to learn so much more. She has been one of my top kenshuusei for so long now, that losing her feels like losing any other H!P girl.
I remember when I first saw Nanami in the audition footage and on Shugo Chara! She was so small and so unsure of herself. I loved how cute and little she was.
She was so promising, such a good voice and such a cute face. I never really got why she wasn't placed in any group sooner. I have been following Nanami for so many years now, I do think she was one of the best vocalists in H!P kenshuusei. She was in so many plays. I wish she would have debutted. 

I remember seeing her face when the Juice=Juice member were announced. She was so sad she wasn't in the group it kinda broke my heart. She auditioned for Morning Mususme and S/mileage, but never got in. She did win the  Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2013 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~. But nothing happend to her and the year after she didn't win anything.
When they announced that S/mileage would get new members I had high hopes for Nanami. She would have fitted in so nicely. But sadly she wasn't choosen AGAIN.

I understand that ther must be reasons why she wasn't choosen to debut. I know there must be a reason, because you don't throw away pure talent. Maybe there were other things, maybe she was choosen for a group, but her parents didn't want her to debut back then or I don't know. Maybe she was even choosen for S/mileage, but she decided to stop already and maybe she wanted to focus on her studies more. We will probably never know. 

Ofcourse I also understand her reason. If she was never choosen to debut (which is probably the truth..) she must have felt horrible. Winning the Happyoukai, being one of the main vocalist of the Kenshuusei, but never being choosen for any group. Gosh I can only imagen how hard that must have been for her. I tend to forget that she is only 14. She is so young and funarable. Maybe her parents even pulled her out, because the not being choosen to debut must have had it's effect on her. 

Anyway, Nanami will forever be one of my all time favorite kenshuusei's. I hope from the bottem of my heart that she will debut somewhere and that I can follow her there. But you never know, maybe she just wants a normal life. Maybe she opens up a Twitter like Rie and Fuu..
For today this news is terrible for me. I will get over it, but today I will be sad for her and her possible future as an idol. Btw It's not like I don't like Kurumin, but Nanami is just special for me, so she get's her own post. 



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