[Graduation Special] Michishige Sayumi: Mikaeri Bijin

I can't believe we just have a few hours with Michishige Sayumi as Momusu member left. 
Michishige has been in Morning Musume from the first time I became their fan. 
She has been in the background for a long time, but now she is one of the most populair members of Morning Musume. Michishige will graduate from Morning Musume in just a few hours and I can not believe it. When she announced her graduation it seemed like it was so far away. It always seems so far away when a member announced their graduation, but it's always so soon. 

When Sayumi announced her graduation, I was not suprised. She is older than all the other girls and she has been a member for so long. Sayumi has given up so much to be an idol. I can totally understand she wants some time for herself now. A lot of her best friends in Morning Musume left and she must have been kinda lonely, eventhough she obviously adores her kouhai. 

Tomorrow is the day we are going to say goodbye to Michishige Sayumi, our looking back beauty. 
Michishige Sayumi, Shige pink, Usa-chan, Leader and so much more.
I think this will not only be a hard time for the fans, but also for the other members of Morning Musume. They love her so much. They look up to her so much. But they need to stand on their own two feet now and Sayumi thinks they are ready for it.

It seems like there are already people in line waiting for the concert. The concert won't be for another 10 hours and still fans are already waiting outside for it to start. I heared that the concert will be live broadcasted on national tv! Sayumi is getting the graduation she deserves. She will be send out with a boom.

For me Sayumi's graduation feels like the end of an era. She is the only current member of Morning Musume who was a member when I became a fan. She is the last piece of the platinum era and it feels weird to see her go. I will miss her in Morning Musume. I will miss seeing her and hearing her sing. Eventhough she can't sing that good, I will miss her Lalala no Pipipi preformances or the duets with Mizuki. I will miss her smile. 

I know Morning Musume will be fine. They have always been fine. The current members are amazing! And the new gen is very populair already and super awsome. I think they will be power up even more. 

Tomorrow will be the day. We will see Michishige graduate. We will get a new leader and new members. It will be a sad day, but the start of a new era. For Morning Musume and Michishige. 

Michishige, I am not good with words. Gosh I wish I was. But congratulations on your (almost) graduation! I hope you can now live your life in a way you want. Get to do the things you wanna do and maybe even date. I was incredibly happy when you recieved my message on tv and that it made you smile. You were a great leader, a cute member and a amazing idol. I hope one day we will hear something from you again! 
Congratualations Sayumi, our Mikaeri bijin. 


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