Hello!Pro Kenshuusei: Was I right?

Now that there are quite some Kenshuusei debuting into groups, I kinda wanted to have a look at some H!P kenshuusei predictions/ debut top 5's I did. I thought it would be quite funny to see if they debutted of not!
Sadly I only did one prediction thingy, but It must be quite fun to see! The post is here btw: 
Red= Gone   Orange= Still a Kenshuusei  Green= Debutted 

First up:
Tanabe Nanami 
The wounds are still fresh, but Sadly Nanami never got to debut withing Hello!Project. She officially left the Kenshuusei yesterday.

Inaba Manaka
Good news for this Cutie! Today we got the news she is putt into the revival of Country Musume: Country Girls!

Funaki Musubu
Musubu hasn't debutted yet. But lucky she is still in the Kenshuusei and I have high hopes for her.

Murota Mizuki
Murota got to debut into S/mileage! This is great news because Murota has a great voice and she is adorable!

Yamaki Risa
Yamaki Risa is one of the older Kenshuusei, so I am so happy she is put into a group! She is so cute and her voice is also adorable!

Other girls I had in this post:
Ogawa Rena, Taguchi Natsumi, Yoshihashi Kurumi, Ichinoka Reina, Kaga Kaede, Sasaki Rikako, Niimura Kisora, Danbara Ruru, Aikawa Maho and Saito Kana!


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