A new H!P group?! My fangirl heart is beating so fast!

Ah, one of the best days in the life of a H!P fangirl:
The day a new group is announced!!
It was a bit of a suprise, but they are reviving Country Musume afterall!!
The group got a new name: Country Girls
The group will be managed by Satoda Mai and Tsugunaga Momoko (who will become a member once she graduated Berryz Koubou). There are 6 members (including Tsugunaga):
Yamaki Risa (17) Kenshuusei
Inaba Manaka (16) Kenshuusei
Morito Chisaki (14) 
Shimamura Uta (14)
Ozeki Mai (12)
(Left tot right: Satoda Mai, Manaka, Chisaki, Uta, Mai, Risa)

The group has two kenshuusei and 3 Morning Musume 12th gen audition girls. The group will start their activities in 2015 and will officially debut on the second of january. As stated Momoko will become a full member once she graduated Berryz Koubou. She will teach the girls as much as she can about becoming an idol and an adult. Tsunku won't produce this group, but they will be under H!P.

I know I actually already posted this information about the group on my Sakura mankai blog, but I am so exited! Inaba Manaka and Yamaki Risa were in my top 5 NEED to debut, so I can't be happier. The other girls look very promissing, Morito Chisaki has been a member of CoCoRo Gakuen, but graduated just 4 days ago. Ozeki Mai was also signed at another agency. 

I don't really know what to think of Momoko being there. I am happy she already knows what she wants after Berryz (staying an idol), but I am so scared she will overshadow this new group. I know she will teach them well and the group will need someone to teach them, but still I don't know if Momochi is the way to go. Ofcourse we will find out after the group started what her exact role will be.

 I am happy this group is produced diffrent from the other groups. Satoda Mai and Momoko will ofcourse do it diffrent then Tsunku, which is exiting! 

Anyway I am extremely exited about this group and I can't wait till Hello!Station in which we will get more information. I will probably post afterwards.



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