[Graduation Special] A river of tears: Michishige Sayumi Thank you for everything

And so an era ends. Morning Musume's 6th generation member Michishige Sayumi has officially graduated Morning Musume and Hello!Project.
She left with a tear and a smile. 

This must have been the saddest Graduation I have ever seen. All the members were so sad and crying so much, Sayumi got hurt, but still went on preforming. And maybe it was because I got to see it live on a broadcast. It was amazing to be part of it like this.

I think it was the perfect ending for Sayumi. The songs were amazing! A lot of great Sayumi leads. 
I loved how they did Mikaeri Bijin and how the 12th gen preformed with them! I am incredibly sad I didn't see the messages, but it won't be long ;). Sayumi not reading a letter, but speaking from the heart was perfect. She knew what she wanted the fans to hear and she said it. Her choice for the graduation song was unexpected but really awsome. Akai Freesia has so much memories for her and us. Aruiteru was also a very good choice and the ending with Happy Daisakusen was happy, but still fitted the theme. 

The ending VTR was great. Seeing all the girls say goodbye and Sayumi closing the book made me cry. A perfect ending for our Mikaeri Bijin.
I am kinda worried about her leg though. She looked so hurt. I hope it will be alright and that she left with no regrets.

Michishige Sayumi, Thank you for everything! May the rest of your life be filled with happiness and joy.


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