New System predictions

Tomorrow Hello!Project will (most likely) announced what they are going to do with their new reorganisation for their 20th anniversary, 
A video was uploaded on the Hello!Pro Station channel about this. 
Three Kenshuusei will officially be promoted, while three Country Girls members will be moved to other groups as "concurrent" members.

My thoughts
First I want to talk about my thoughts on this whole matter. I am always for new and exciting ways to keep H!P fresh and dynamic. I absolutely understand that H!P is a company that has to make money.  There are a lot of groups and girls with a lot of potential in H!P right now, but I understand that management wants to keep up the fresh and new act for as long as they possibly can. They are losing a lot of fans due to C-ute and Tsugunaga Momoko graduating, so what to do?

The reorganisation is something no-one was expecting. A group becoming a part time thing, girls moving groups and other girls hearing about they debut before they are even put into a group. Weird. Yet I understand some of it. Debutting Kenshuusei is a logic move. Ruru, Ayano and Reina are quite populair, so their debut announcements did not suprise me at all. It, however, did suprise me that we only got a "they will debut in the near future" and nothing more. It's weird, it's strange... 
Later on we got the news about Country Girls. I am still quite made about this, because the girls had no say in it, while they also worked hard on giving the group a new name and a new vibe. It's really sad to see all this hard work go to waste, or at least go part time. 

Now for they groups that are already existing, this is also really weird and scary, Suddenly getting new members isn't anything new (3rd gen Tsubaki, 2nd gen Country Girls and 4th gen ANGERME). But knowing girls are going to debut or switch groups before hand seems so nervewrecking. And what groups need new members?! Morning Musume just got their 13th gen, Tsubaki hasn't even released their second single after debutting, Kasahara hasn't been in ANGERME for a year and Juice=Juice haven't changed line-up since Otsuka Aina left the group. This leaves only Kobushi Factory and I am pretty sure they aren't going to add all 6 girls into that group. 

However, this is going to happen. It actually already happend and possible some time ago.

My Hopes
I actually split this part of my blogpost, because there is a big difference in between my hopes and my actual predections. So let's go by girl.
Danbara Ruru: 
1. Going solo
2. Debut into a small group (3 members)
3. Debut in Morning Musume
4. Debut in Juice=Juice.
Ruru is talented and adorable. She can sing, she can dance, she has a great aura and she is super adorable!!! I really think she could go solo, although her shy persona might be in the way of that. In a group she would be best in a small group. With less members she will still be in a save group, but has the chance to actually shine and grow. If she has to debut into a group that is already there, I would go for Momusu or JuJu. Momusu just kind of fits with Ruru, she could totally change her game there. I, however, could totally see her in a more mature group like Juice=Juice!

Ichinoka Reina:
1. Small group
2. Debut in Tsubaki Factory
3. Debut in ANGERME
4. Debut in Kobushi Factory
Reina is such a cutie and she has trained for so long! I would love for her to join a small group and show all the things she has learned and the things she can do. I think she is best in a group, because her voice is quite husky and that is usually not a big thing for soloists. If she has to go into an existing group I think she has the elegance to join Tsubaki! Yet she would also fit into ANGERME or Kobushi... Tsubaki would just fit her current persona more!

Kawamura Ayano:
1. Small group
2. Debut into Tsubaki Factory
3. Debut into ANGERME
I do not want Ayano in Juice=Juice. Yes she is a deadringer for Karin, but that is the reason I would never ever want her in Juice=Juice. She should get into her own group, so she can have her own place. A small group would be perfect for het. But I can also see her become a member of either Tsubaki or ANGERME.

Morito Chisaki
1. Transfer to Morning Musume
2. Transfer to a new group
I just can't see Chii in any other group that Country Girls. I think she would do great in any group really, but I guess Momusu or a new group are the best options for her. She is cute and her shy act is really a nice addition to any group. 

Yanagawa Nanami
1. Transfer to Kobushi Factory
2. Transfer to ANGERME
Nanami would do amazing in both Kobushi and ANGERME. Her persona is interesting and has this cute younger sister vibe. Her voice would also do good in both!

Funaki Musubu
1. Transfer to ANGERME
2. Transfer to Morning Musume
3. Transfer to Juice=Juice
I actually think Musubu would do good in any group. She is cute, yet cool. Her voice is really good and her dancing is also of the charts. ANGERME, Momusu and Juice=Juice would all make fine groups for her, with her being the little baby brat in Juice=Juice ofcourse. 

My predictions
For my actually predictions, ahh this is hard. I think it is possible for Ruru and Chisaki to join Momusu, although Ruru might be to optimistic. If they decide to keep Musubu and Nanami togheter, maybe Juice=Juice, as the younger sister act and giving the group options for graduations (as they are coming I can assure you). It wouldn't suprise me if there would be a new group or a solist in there. Yet managment might just wanna make the current groups big and start a big war against AKB (as they are already going with group transfers and concurrent positions). This would mean that Kobushi and Juice=Juice are the once to gain the most members. It could also be that every group gains one member, with one girl going solo: 
Ruru- Solist
Reina- Tsubaki Factory
Ayano- Juice=Juice
Chisaki- Morning Musume
Nanami- Kobushi Factory
I really don't want Ayano in Juice=Juice, but it would not suprise me at all. 

Anyway, what do you think? What do you want?
We will see it tomorrow and talk about my prediction and how hard I failed then!


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