Arigatou~Mugen no C-ute!~: Okai Chisato

Okai Chisato
Okai Chisato, once a background member now a lead vocalist. 
Only 8 years old when she joined Hello!Pro, yet such an important member.
Chisa has had her own solo releases and events, her own dance cover group (Team Okai) and she got to upload a lot of dance covers of C-ute's youtube channel. 

Like said before, Chisato was always a background member. Even when the group was losing members, she was still in the background. Fans did notice the potential Chisa had, yet she had to wait a long time to be pushed. In 2010, Chisato finally started to get time to shine and before we knew it she got a lead position in C-ute!
Chisa is one of my top Hello!Pro members! I adore her energy, her dancing and her voice and gosh is this girl beautiful! Chisato has such great humor and is always such a pleasure to watch preform! When your eyes aren't draw to Airi, it will be Chisato for sure! When I just started to become a fan, I never understood why Chisato didn't get any lines, as her voice was (is) so pleasant. 
Now that Chisato will be going to forfill her new dream, I can only say I am really happy we had the time with her that we had. Thinking back to all the wonderful songs she led/co-led, all the amazing sub-units she was in (Tanpopo#!!!!) and all the other things she did. We have been lucky with a fun and amazing girl like Chisato in this group!
I will miss talented Chisato so much. I will miss her deep and beautiful voice. I will miss her smile. I will miss her humor and her amazing way of interacting with her Kouhai. 
I will miss everything about her, but I am happy she will be following a new path, one that she really wants to follow. Chisa will be going into Variety shows and I know she will do amazing. 

Chisato, I will miss you so much, but I wish you all the best! And I will keep following you. Hopefully you will one day release some solo songs again, because Damn will I miss you voice.


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