Arigatou ~Mugen no C-ute~: Umeda Erika

Umeda Erika
Umeda Erika was the oldest member of C-ute and the only member to have a graduation concert.
Ume graduated from C-ute in october of 2009 to become a model.

Umeda Erika was not only the oldest member of C-ute, she was also the oldest Hello!Project kid. It is no suprise that she was/is good friends with Shimizu Saki and Yajima Maimi, who were also in the group of the oldest members. Due to her age, Ume-chan was offered the leader position in C-ute, but she didn't think she could do a good job and the position went on to Yajima Maimi. 

In C-ute, Erika had a background role, while she did have some solo lines in song like Massara Blue Jeans, FOREVER LOVE and Bye Bye Bye! She also had a solo song called Do Don Ga Don Ondo on C-ute's third album.
Erika's graduation had been rumored around August and was soon confirmed by management. In october she graduated after a tearful concert and is to date the only member of C-ute to officially graduate and have a ceromony.
Erika went on to model. She was featured in magazines and on runways, yet her career never really took of. She has been inactive from time to time and has been switching agencies until 2013. In 2013 Ume-chan announced she was going to switch careers again and start a solo career as a singer. Her first album "erika" released in 2014.
The album featured 7 songs, with one song "Crush on You" even having a MV. Sadly Erika's album didn't rank on the oricon chart and after a few events her solo career stopped.
Erika is currently quite inactive. She has her own twitter and instagram, which she updates a few times a week. Ume also has a blog, but the last post was in 2015.. However her twitter has a very cute detail: the header of it is her initials from Gamusha Life!

I really really really want to see Erika reunited with the other members of C-ute, especially since she graduated and wasn't in a (supposed) scandal. I always adored the mature feel Erika has and her beauty and elegance. I want to see more of her!


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