Arigatou ~Mugen no C-ute~: Arihara Kanna

Arihara Kanna
Arihara Kanna is the only member of C-ute that never in Hello!Pro Kids, she was also the only member to ever be added to C-ute after the group was formed. 
Kanna-chan was a first generation member of Hello!Pro Eggs and was added to C-ute 6 months after the group was officially announced

The addition of Kanna-chan made a lot of die-hard Hello!Pro Kids fans angry, as she was never an "orginal" member. Kanna did get some solo lines in Massara Blue Jeans, but faded into the background of C-ute soon after. 

In 2009 it was announced that Kanna would be going on a haitus, due to a problem with her feet, which made it hard for her to preform. C-ute went on and preformed as a 6 member group for a while and even released some singles. After 4 monthes Kanna officially left the group with her medical condition given as the reason. However there were rumors about her dating a Johnny's entertainment member, which led to Kanna being suspended.

Kanna is currently active in stage plays and is still friends with a Umeda Erika, Murakami Megumi, Sudo Maasa and Kumai Yurina. 

I like Kanna. I like her voice, wasn't always that good, but it had a sound to it I really enjoyed. I understand that a lot of fans didn't get why she was added into the C-ute Mix, yet it never was her fault or anything. It was such a shame she faded into the background and never really got to show how much she was worth.
I wonder if Kanna left due to her foot injury or because of the "scandal". The scandal, however, wasn't made up, as there were actual pictures of Kanna being very close with the Johnny's entertainment member. Yet I wonder if that was the reason she left. 

As for her current carreer, she has been doing pretty good if you ask me. She has a lot of different plays she was in and is quite active on social media. 

Ofcourse I wonder how Kanna's role would have been in the current group, as lines are now more distributed over the other members. She seemed to have been great friends with Suzuki Airi, although she might still be. 
As with all members a group loses, I think it is still so sad Kanna left the group and in such a weird way. Her die-hard fans must have been heart broken. I really hope to see some pictures of her with the other members of C-ute once they graduated!


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