Arigatou~Mugen no C-ute~: Meeting C-ute

Meeting C-ute
In 2014 my dream came true of meeting Berryz Koubou and C-ute.
When Berryz was going on Haitus I talked about my experience meeting them, so I will now go on with that post by telling you guys about meeting C-ute. 

It has been 3 years since meeting the girls, but it is a memory I will never ever forget.
I went to Paris with my boyfriend, my brother and his friend, non of them are H!P fans.
First thing I did was buying the BerryzXC-ute cd, so I could get a ticket for the handshake event.
I actually was more excited for this, than the whole concert. I wanted to meet the girls, tell them how much they mean to me and all the things they did for me. 
In reality I was a mess. I didn't cry, but I was STAR struck. The girls were tiny, but so beautiful and radiant. 
Let me tell you about what happend during the handshake event when I got to C-ute. Berryz Koubou was first, after which we moved on to C-ute!

Yajima Maimi
(Girl in red is me. I guess I was talking to Maimi or Nakky)
Maimi really was such a sweetheart. I must have been sweaty and looking really scared, yet she took my hand firmely and said hello to me. She hold on to me until I could say what I wanted (Thank you! I love you!), after which she told me in Japanes: I will see you at tonight's concert! And when I was pushed towards Nakky she kept saying: See you tonight!

Nakajima Saki
The guard was really pushy once I got to Nakky as Maimi had taken her time with me. I told Nakky thanks and could manage to say Byebye before I was pushed on. 

Suzuki Airi
This girl. THIS GIRL is so pretty! I must have been looking at her with my mouth wide open or something. She was beaming a big KONNICHI WA at me. I said hello and thanked her for everything. She told me it made her happy and waved a big goodbye. 

Okai Chisato
(Girl in red with Airi)
Okai was such a cutie. She almost yelled hello at me and took my hand so fast and firm. I was so suprised! I again said hello and thanked her. She said; Watashi mo!! and smiled even bigger. She too told me: See you tonight! And gently pulled me towards Mai.

Hagiwara Mai
Mai was waiting with me with a big smile. She took my hands and gave me her full attention, which suprised me with so many fans calling out to her. I greeted her and thanked her and she returned the favor. The guard pushed me towards the exit, but Mai kept waving until I couldn't see her no more. 

I was so ashmed that I couldn't remember anything I wanted to tell them. I could only shaked their hands and say small things like: Konnichiwa, Zenbu Arigatou. Daisuki. Byebye. Urgh, I wanted to tell them they are beautiful and that their music makes me happy, but I couldn't. Yet they were so amazing. Really sweet and trying to make the best out of the few seconds we had. 


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