Arigatou ~Mugen no C-ute~ : FARAWAY

B-sides aren't really a thing anymore these days. Yet when they still were, there were some gems there that a lot of you might not know about. 
Usually I talk about these songs in my Hidden Gem Corner, but today I will talk about a b-side in these last days with C-ute. 
FARAWAY is the b-side of Momoiro Sparkling and made this single on of my alltime favorite C-ute singles with that. The song was writen by Tsunku and sadly only preformed twice. 

I really adore the sad and nostalgic feel this song has. I mean the title already kind of gives away that this song is a ballad. One that is lead by Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi and Okai Chisato, but with lines for Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai. 
I have listened to this song about a 100 times and I am still amazed at how polished all girls sound in the original recording. I might even say that this was when they were all at their top vocally. Their live version during their last Cotton Club live was so good it made me teary eyed. In just a two weeks C-ute will leave us and they will go FARAWAY.
What is your favorite C-ute B-side?


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