Arigatou~Mugen no C-ute~: Nakajima Saki

Nakajima Saki
Nakajima Saki, also known as Nakky, the girl who always looked way younger than she actually is. 
An amazing dancer and a girl who can put a lot of emotion in her facial expressions. 

I think Nakky might have been the first C-ute member I actually knew. She was, ofcourse, a member of Guardians 4, which is the first H!P group I was a huge fan of. I love Buono!, but Guardians 4 was a whole other thing. Nakky was however the member I liked the least out of the group. 
While Nakky was not my favorite in Guardians 4 nor in C-ute, yet I always saw her appeal. Her voice might not be everyone's favorite thing in the world, but there are some songs that she sounds soooo amazing in. I love how she looks, as she has this adorable innocence over her, which for some reason actually is sexy? 
Saki also has some of the most beautiful lips in H!P. They are so beautiful! She is also a great actress and it does not suprise me that she wants to do something with this after her graduation from C-ute. Nakky might not be a member that ranks high in my favorites list, I am still a big fan of everthing she has to offer and hope her future is a bright one!


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