Arigatou~Mugen no C-ute~: Hagiwara Mai

Hagiwara Mai
Next up is the youngest member of C-ute and the youngest Hello!Pro Kid. 
Hagiwara Mai was just 6 when she passed the audition for Hello!Pro Kids and only 8 when she joined C-ute. She was adorable then and she is adorable now. 

I have to be honest with you guys, Mai was never a favorite member of mine. I mean she is cute alright, but I just never really enjoyed her voice or her persona. Even her solo song Yuke Genki-kun wasn't my cup of tea. 
I think, however, that HagiMai is a really important part of C-ute. Some of her "main" songs are the best ones C-ute ever had! Just think about Adem to Eve no Dillema. Mai always brings a bit of youth to the C-ute mix and I really am happy she was there to put that kind of energy in the group. Yet these last few years she has became a really sexy young woman! 
These last few years Mai's voice has been getting more raw and live she hasn't been sounding her best. I actually felt so bad for her, as Mai must have noticed it herself. Being an Idol isn't easy, but knowing/hearing how your voice is changing must be really terrible and hard. 
Mai will be leaving the entertainment industry. It's quite sad, but she has been in it for as long as she can remember. I really hope she can find something she wants to do with her life and be happy. I am 100% sure she could be a model or something, but if she would just want to live a private life, I want her to do it! Like I said, Mai wasn't my favorite, but I appriciate(d) her and I wish her all the best!


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