The best and the worst of 2016: C-ute A-sides ranking!

It's that time of the year again! 
I actually don't even know for sure if I finished last year... Yet we are going to do this!
This year we are starting with all the a-sides and see where we will end. 

C-ute A-sides ranking!
C-ute produced two singles this year, with 6 a-sides. This will be the last year we actually still have C-ute around when we do this ranking...So let's get this top 6 started!

Number 6
We start this list of with Naze hito wa aresoun darou? This song is a gospel like early 1900's song with the girls in long silver dresses. The MV is really pretty and the song has such an amazing feeling and message. I really adore Airi's voice in this (as I always do). 
The song is really nice and has a classic yet new feel to it. Yet I feel like C-ute could actually do so much more than this. The other songs of this year were just better in many ways. Still this is a great song that shows us how C-ute can do any thing right. 

Number 5
When Jinsei wa Step! was released I never though C-ute could top this song. It's another quite new sound for C-ute and has a vintage sound to it, while still being really cute and fun. The dresses might not look that great, but the MV was really pretty and well putt togheter. 
Yet this song is dangeling at the end of the ranking. This song is quite fun to sing along with and it makes you wanna dance, but it might get boring after a few listens. Sad to see it here, but this also mean that the level of songs C-ute produced this year is still going up!

Number 4
I- am- such- a- sucker- for- ballad- like- songs. Summer Wind blew me away, like the title already suggests. I really love the dramatic feel and the way the vocals blend. I also adore the contrast between the chorus and the rest of the song. It's such a good song.
Airi's voice does so well in ballad like songs. I can not get enough of it. This whole single was amazing, yet got topped by their second single of 2016. 

Number 3
Ai wa Maru de Seidenki shows of my favorite side of C-ute. Yes, their C-ute side. Gosh do I adore this song. I should actually make a list of things that I love in a song/single, because this song has a lot of my favorite things lined up. The setting of the MV is perfect, the outftis are cute and the song is amazing!
The light colors, the fun the girls are having, the lyrics. This song is really nice and has such a positive vibe going on. It is one of C-ute's all time best songs if you ask me. I love it. 

Number 2
Yet Singing~Ano Koro no You ni~ was just a little bit better. I have to admit, I still feel like the chorus is lacking someting, however I cried the first time I watched and listened to this song. It is such an emotional song and it shows of C-ute in all the best ways. This is the Towa no Uta for C-ute (if you ask me). It's the second part of Gamusha Life for me. 
They look like a dream. Each one of them. Maimi might not be my favorite in this part vocal wise, but her beauty is of the chart here. And Airi, she is an angel. A wonderful song for wonderful girls. 

Number 1
C-ute made so many amazing songs this year, yet one topped them all: Mugen Climax. This song screams Queens of J-pop to me. The piano, the cool sound, the some what dramatic setting and Maimi's Samishii. This song is what an amazing song should be. The MV is really beautiful and gosh do the girls look amazing. Cheeky, sexy, beautiful and elegant. 
The hidden names in the lyrics also give it a lot of emotional meaning to the girls and fans, which is really cool. I also adore the amount of emotion the girls putt into their voices in this song. It's so cool.
So Airi obviously is my favorite and in this song she proves again why. The emotion is her voice, the way she just sways it around the words and her beauty. I will hate the day she stops singing. No I actually fear the day she stops singing. For me Mugen Climax was the best song of C-ute for the year of 2016, their last full year as C-ute.


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