The best and the worst of 2016: Kobushi Factory A-side ranking!

Ah here it is, Kobushi Factory. If I am completly honest with you guys, I feel so indifferent about Kobushi Factory and I don't know why. Some of their music is really good, but for some reason they do not feel like a polish or actual group to me. Maybe it's because they totally missed the suspence of debutting their group (just one indies single and BAM they debutted). I don't know I just don't really feel them yet, but it might come. So this best and worst will be quite short, I am sorry. 

Kobushi Factory A-side ranking!
Kobushi Factory released two singles this year with a total of six songs. So let's have a look. 

Number 6
The song at the end of the list is Bacchikoi Seishun. I really dislike this song. I think I heared it about 3 times as a whole, while skipping it most of the other times it started playing. I do adore the voices of all the Kobushi members, which makes every song more enjoyable,

Number 5
Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsumoushin might be the most Berryz Koubou like song Kobushi Factory has ever released. It sounds so much like Berryz in their Asian celebration/Golden Chinatown era. Again I like the vocals, but the song has not much going on for me. 

Number 4
I actually feel really bad for finding Kobushi's songs so boring. I mean Ayapan has one of my favorite voices of all time, so why can I not like their songs more? Sakura Night Fever again is one of those songs. I like how happy it is and the MV is totally crazy, but it's just so meh to me. 

Number 3
Whenever I see this MV I always wonder why I like this song, because dang are those outfits TERRIBLE. Kobushi didn't only inherit Berryz Koubou's spirit and songs, but also their ugly outfits. Yet this song is nice. I think it's enjoyable and I like to listen to is ever so often. I love the vocals and the chorus is just so much fun. Again this song is very very Berryz.

Number 2
When I heared Kobushi was covering a song from Shin-chan I knew I would love it. I love Shin-chan. I adore the anime. And this song is just so much fun! I really love how great the girls sound in such a cute and fun song. Their vocals really fit anything. The MV is just amazing and the charisma of these girls. Management should have them do more fun songs, as they really rock them and show of the girls way better than those weird Berryz rip-offs (I love berryz though..)

Number 1

But in the end, when I think of Kobushi this last year, I will always think of Samba! Kobushi Janeiro. This song. I love it. I love it so much, if one song has focussed my attention on Kobushi this year, it's this one. I love the feel this song has, the happy sound and the whole party vibe. Kobushi gets to show of their beautiful yet fun side and their amazing vocals. And sweet Rio! She looks so happy with her center time during the Rio Rio part.
I adore the MV. The colors and the different scenes are so nice to look at. And the girls look so beautiful. I love how fast paced the song is. By far the best song by Kobushi this year!


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