The best and worst of 2016: Country Girls' A-side ranking!

Just a few more days untill 2017. Has 2016 been a good year for you? It has been for me personally. I finally graduated and became a History Teacher, I found a job (not full-time, but I won't complain) and I finally found a home with my boyfriend! And in Hello!Pro Music, there wasn't a lot to complain either. Let's look at the next group on our list:

Country Girls A-side Ranking!
Country Girls released two singles this year, with a total of 5 songs. Funaki Musubu and Yanagawa Nanami made their debut, while Inaba Manaka graduated the group due to her astma. Tsugunaga Momoko (Playing- Manager) also announced her graduation for spring next year, which leaves the group with a lot of changes. Let's see what they got us this year!

Number 5
I am a sucker for vintage sounding songs, yet Dou Datte Ii no! never really got me. I think the song is really cool and there are some amazing part in it vocal wise. But the Dou Datte Ii no parts really bore me. Ofcourse this song had to lose some points on Manaka-loss, but it's just not as amazing as I hoped. I like Risa's and Musubu's cool voices thought. 
The MV is really cool though and has some amazing parts in there. It's fun to look at and the whole vintage look suits Country Girls so much!

Number 4
Ranrarun~Anata ni Muchuu~ was a suprising song in many ways. It's really cute and fits Country Girls a lot. It's also a really fun song and easy to sing along with. The outfits were really cute and pretty and gosh did the girls look elegant in them. Vocalwise this wasn't the most interesting song, as it seems quite easy to sing. 
The MV is so adorable. I love the background and the younger members being the males. It's just a cute song with a cute MV. 

Number 3
Yet Country Girls can also be really cool. Boogie Woogie Love showed how awsome Country Girls can be, while staying in theme. I love the Boogie theme and the dresses fitted the song so well. This song really shows of the younger members and focusses on Musubu and Nanami. I really, however, think Chii-chan rocked this song the most, although Risa and Manakan sound heavenly too. 
I adore the setting of this MV and think it really fits the song and the feel they are going for. There are some really cool parts, and it's so adorable to see Nanami trying to be cool. 

Number 2
And here is Country Girls again, stealing my heart with this amazing song. Namido no Request is such a great song, even before Country Girls covered it. I really love how Momo, Risa and Chiitan are the centers, cause they sound so well in this song. I love the way they use harmonies and that Nanamin Sax solo! Cute and still really nostalgic.
The MV again shows why I love Country Girls. It's a cute MV, with some really creative parts in it. It's simple, but works so well. I love the outfits a lot and I adore the dance. It's so smart to show of one member's skill. 

Number 1
At number one we find Country Girls' most adult song of the year: Koi wa Magnet. If there is one song that suprised me, it's this song. I really expected Country Girls to keep doing the cute and vintage stuff, not the more adult and somewhat sexy songs! Koi wa Magnet stole my heart and it will never give it back. I listened to this song about a 1000 times this year. I adore it so much. I think Manakan and Risa really showed why they were choosen from all the Kenshuusei to join Country Girls, but the other girls also show of that they can deliver a adult, elegant song like this. 
The MV is really pretty and shows of the elegant and sexy side of Country Girls. This song almost reminds me of a Berryz Koubou song, yet it's still so different. I love the parts where they are just hanging out around that table and the windows make this MV look so pretty and airy. 
This song is everything for me. It is one of Country Girls' best songs in my opinion and I will forever hope they will do another one like it. I will however forever miss Manakan in this song as she, Risa and Momoko led it so wonderfully. 

Next year we will be losing Momoko as Playing Manager for Country Girls. She has been leading this group into greatness and I hope her loss will not affect the group as much as fans are suspecting. For now let's enjoy everything Country Girls has brought us this year and look forwards to what 2017 will bring us!


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