The best and the worst of 2016: Juice=Juice's A-side Ranking!

More time, more ranking. It's always nice to look back on a year and this one was quite suprising, because Juice=Juice released 6 songs, while two weren't released as Juice=Juice but as NEXT YOU. For this A-side ranking we will be looking at all 6 released songs, as Otona no Jijou was the a-side to a digital single, so it counts.  NEXT YOU is Juice=Juice anyway, so let's just keep it at six songs.

Juice=Juice A-side Ranking!
As said before, Juice=Juice released two singles this year and one digital single. This totals at 6 songs to look at! Let's get started!

Number 6
Finally a song that centers my dear Kanazawa-chan, yet it ended up way at the bottom of my list. Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou makes me so sad. I didn't enjoy the song, as I find it boring. Kanatomo is my Oshi, yet I can't get myself to enjoy this song. 
Even the MV and outfits were boring. The MV had nothing really going for it and the outfits looked like something the girls just wore to the office. I am sorry Maro, not my cup of tea.

Number 5
As catchy as KEEP ON Joshou Shikou! is, it wasn't my favorite of this year. I really enjoy the Keep on You only life once parts, while I hate the whole YOLO thing. It's nice to sing along with and the chorus is quite uplifting. The song is enjoyable, yet not one of Juice=Juice's better songs. 
The MV is quite nice and I liked the dance. The outfits might not be my favorites, but they fit the song and dance. It's just a nice song and a nice MV, but they could have done so much more. 

Number 4
Otona no Jijou ended out on number 4. I love the feel of this song and the lyrics are quite something. I love how it actually goes in to the dating ban and shows idols from another side. The song sounds really different from other Juice=Juice songs, which might be because it was intended for NEXT YOU, which is a "different" group. 
I was really sad they didn't release a MV for this song, as it would have been so nice. The outfits however are beautiful and well Akari just looks amazing as center. 

Number 3
I love Juice=Juice's more adult songs. They fit the more sexy/cool theme and Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja Nai is the perfect song for them. When I first heared the song, I was kind of disappointed with the beginning, but once the chorus had started, gosh. This song is really powerful, cool and most of all SEXY. Gosh is this song sexy. Juice=Juice has been trying to show their adult side this year haven't they? 
This MV again is really simple, yet I like it a lot. I like the outfits and the part were they hit those boxing balls. It looks so cool (and maybe a bit out of place). For me this song would be awsome during a concert, I think as a fan you could go nuts on a song like this. Go on Juice=Juice, keep showing us that adult side (but keep it decent ;)). 

Number 2 and 1
I have got to be honest with you, I am still doubting my number 2 choice. Next is You! and Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ both stole my heart and I love them both so much. Next is You! is just such a nice and awsome song to listen to. It really features our girls in a different light, while still being the ultimate idol song, while Dream Road is a whole new kind of song for Juice=Juice. There are a lot of different parts in the song and the chorus is so weird, yet so amazing. 
The MV for Next is You! isn't as good as Dream Road, yet it's still sort of nice. I like the outfits and the close-ups a lot and gosh the song fits them so well!
Dream Road is just beautiful. The MV has so many different parts in it and the colors are so beautiful. I really love the flower parts and the way they made them. This MV is how MV's should be done. The only part I do not like is the bridge, which is just weird and out of place.

Okay so I ended this Year with two songs at number 2/1, which actually just means that Juice=Juice had quite a good year. I hope next year will be just as good!


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