The best and the worst of 2016: ANGERME A-side ranking!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Oh wait, Christmas is over already? This means new years is just around the corner! Let's get this best and worst running again! Today: ANGERME

ANGERME A-side ranking!
Angerme only released two singles this year. It introduced us to Kamikokuryou Moe and Kasahara Momona, and it took Tamura Meimi from us. This year counts 6 songs in total, so let's get this ride rolling!

Number 6
I can't really describe how I feel about Umaku Ienai, but it's just not a great song in my eyes (did you see what I did here?). The song is really boring in my eyes and doesn't showcase how amazing ANGERME is at this point. It's just meh all over. I do kind of like the part during the bridge and the ending were they are going all WHOOOO.
The MV wasn't anything special either. The white outfits were quite nice, while the others were plain ugly. And why the heck did they leave Kamiko falling in the MV? How hard was it to record that part again and not have her drop? This was for me the worst song of the year, but ANGERME doesn't disappoint any furthur than this!

Number 5
Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru is a real Tsunku song. It reminds me of Berryz Koubou so much and I adore it. This song might have the biggest gap ever between two songs. I like this song so much! I love how Ayaka and 2nd gen have the bigger role in this song and make it really cool. The only part I could say I really dislike is the faster part in the chorus.
The MV might not be anything special, but it's nice. The colors are pretty, although the red outfits seem really out of place. 

Number 4
Ai no Tame Kyou made shinka shite kita ningen, Ai no Tame subete Taika shite kita ningen might have one of the longest names in history and is one heck of an amazing song! I have to start with: KAMIKO!! Her voice, she is so fragile. I love her. I adore the outfits and the MV is so pretty.
The song is really pretty and I love the lyrics. This is one good song and it is only at 4, can you imagen the amazing songs that will come?

Number 3
ANGERME shocked us this year with a great and cool song. Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku has a really good beat and amazing background vocals. I love the Tsugi Zoku background whispers. The whole feel of this song is so awsome and it's a great welcome to Kamiko and goodbye to Meimei. 
The MV is really simple, yet it shows of the dance skills of the members and how beautiful they are. I really adore the rap parts and the free-style dance parts.

Number 2
Itoshima Distance was quite a suprise to begin with. The outfits on the covers were not the outfits for the song and gave of a whole different vibe. Itoshima Distance is very nostalgic and quite sad, while still being cool and beautiful, The song is centered by 3rd gen and Kamiko, they get to sing and dance the most and it's wonderful to see. Yet all the other members are also heavily featured, which is nice and quite fresh for a Hello!Pro song. 
The MV is really pretty and original. I really like the outfits the girls are wearing, especially Dawa's and Kanannana. But actually they all look really nice (except Aiai's hat, BURN IT). The song is just really nice and the repetitive parts are so nice to sing along with. 

Number 1
I loved Itoshima Distance so much, again I never thought any song could beat it, but then Wasurete Ageru came along and the tears kept coming. It feels like a song that makes you long for something, like you are waiting for something or someone. I love the sound of this song, the emotions, the loneliness. I adore the vocals in this song. Rina kills her solo, she was sooo good! And Ayaka's last solo line is so pretty. Even Aiai sounded AMAZING. 
I really love the MV. It was creative and new, and the style is really fitting to the song. I guess you could call it an ultimate autumn song, while it would also be really nice in spring. My favorite parts are the Kimi Dakara parts, it makes me feel all jiggly and mushy inside, without knowing why. 
A song of this standard will be really hard to top for me. A song that makes you actually feel stuff while listening to it, that's a good song. For me Wasurete Ageru might be one of the best songs of this year, it tops all C-ute, Juice=Juice, Kobushi and Tsubaki song. Only Mukidashi and Utakata might come as high as this song. A masterpiece, which utilizing the vocals of ANGERME to the max. All members sounded solid and full of emotion. This song is everything.


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