Aitai Lonely Christmas: How it changed Hello!Pro

Christmas is just around the corner. We only have about 2 days till Christmas Eve!
So let's get another winter/christmas post going!
For today I planned a post about Aitai Lonely Christmas, but not the post your are expecting.
We are going to talk about the importance of Aitai Lonely Christmas in Hello!Project History!
Let's get this started!

Aitai Lonely Christmas is C-ute's only Christmas song
Hello!Pro ofcourse has some Christmas songs, but C-ute only has one. Ofcourse it's understandable that Christmas isn't a big theme to make songs about, because you can only use this song around christmas (singing it during your spring tour would be quite weird). It is no suprise that this song hasn't been preformed as much as other songs.

Saki, Chisa and Mai get more prominent roles
Before Aitai Lonely Christmas (and Dance de Bakoon if you will) Saki, Chisato and Mai had quite small roles in C-ute. It was mostly the Maimi and Airi show, and if we are really honest mostly the Airi-show. During Dance de Bakoon Saki, Chisa and Mai already got some more lines, but in Aitai they were really featured more prominent and they got to sing in more. From this moment on, all girls got to sing and especially Chisa became a front member.

Aitai Lonely Christmas was the first song we heared our 9th generation sing.
Aitai Lonely Christmas was the audition song for Morning Musume's 9th generation. We saw Eripon, Riho and Zukki practise this song and sing it during their official audition. A lot of fans were disappointed that after all this time they used a C-ute song for the auditions. 9th gen would be joining Morning Musume, so why not let them show they can sing one of their songs? Eventhought this is the case, Aitai Lonely Christmas is a very important song thanks to giving us Eripon, Riho and Kanon.

So, what are your thoughts about Aitai Lonely Christmas? Do you see the importance of the song, or am I just searching for something that isn't there?
Thanks for reading and happy Holidays!


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