Buono! Dakara!

A week ago Buono! disbanded.
Gosh, I can not believe Buono! ended.

Buono! was a rock-pop idolgroup that released songs for the anime Shugo Chara.
The group started in 2007 with Tsugunaga Momoko, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Suzuki Airi.
They released 14 singles, 3 albums, 2 mini albums and 2 best of albums. 

Buono! is for me and a lot of other fans really special. They introduced us to idol and showed us the world of Hello!Project. Without Buono! I would have never been the fan I am today. 
Buono! might have been one of the most stable and succesful units Hello!Pro has ever known. They have been active for 10 years (with some pauses in between) and it might be the only unit who stayed this popular without the members leaving their original groups. 

Buono! will always have a special place in my heart. Their songs gave me hope and made me smile during times I couldn't do it myself. I preformed one of their songs at school, eventhough I was scared to do so. I saw them preform live and went to a handshake event attended by them. 

Really Buono! is and will always be forever. I don't mind!

Favorite Buono! song (not in order):
1. My Alright Sky!
2. Goal
3. Gachinko de Ikou!
5. Rottara Rottara

I wish there was more for me to say about this group. Their music is amazing, their members talented and their shows amazing to watch. 
Let's never forget Buono!, Because Buono! Dakara!


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