Arigatou~Mugen no C-ute~: How I got to know C-ute!

Welcome to my first post for my C-ute goodbye tribute.
Gosh I can not believe this is really happening, AGAIN.

I got to know abou C-ute around their Campus Life/ SHOCK era.
I was already a big fan of Momusu, Berryz and S/mileage, yet C-ute never really got me until this point. I was a big fan of SHOCK, which might shock you. I love the song and Airi's voice is pure love. I actually remember thinking Airi must be some kind of solist with permanent backsingers. 
I knew Airi from Buono! and Nakki was also a familiar face due to Guardians 4. Yet Chisa, Mai and Yaji were new faces and around this time I couldn't really keep them all apart (thank god for different hairstyles).
When C-ute released Campus Life in 2010, it was a match made in heaven. I was and still am a sucker for MV's that are outside and I loved the outfits and the dance. This was actually the first cd I ever bought from C-ute and I still love it very much. 
The songs after this really got me addicted to C-ute, yet with Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no ko my addiction slowed down. I didn't really enjoy the song, but my love for C-ute would always stay. 

Ofcourse I also need to talk about Berryz here. Both groups are forever intertwined with eachother.

For me C-ute was always secondary to Berryz. I love C-ute, I love their songs, I love their members and history, but for some reason berryz always stayed closer to my heart. But when the groups worked togheter for concerts, singles or movies my hearts always became instantly happy. 

A lot of fans see these two groups as the ultimate rivals and yes I do think they were rivals, yet not in the way a lot of fans liked them to be. All girls are from the same batch of new Hello!Pro members (except for Arihara Kanna), which makes that most of them have been friends for ages. 
Friendly rivals, yes, but nothing more. I mean look at the friendships between Maimi and Chinami, Captain and Mai, Yurina and Airi. Really most of them adore eachother and so do I. 
Getting to know C-ute was easy, as they are such a big part of Hello!Project. But losing them will be really really hard. It feels like an Era is now over and I wonder how I will survive this. 


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