Arigatou ~Mugen no C-ute~: Murakami Megumi

Murakami Megumi
Murakami Megumi, Original member of C-ute and first member to leave the group. 
Megumi left C-ute in 2006, after 4 indies single, 1 album and already recording their major debut single. 

Murakami Megumi was at the point of her "graduation" one of the main vocalists of C-ute and had been in more sub-units than any other girl (ZYX, Sexy Otonajan, B-side group for H!P All Stars). Like stated, she also already recorded C-ute major debut single Yuki ga Chirari, where she was the lead with Suzuki Airi. 

In the last half of 2006, however, Megumi was supposedly spotted with a boyfriend and pictures of this were leaked. On October 31, 2006 Megumi officially left Hello!Pro and C-ute, because she wanted to focus on school. 
Megumi is currently back in the public eye. She joined a dance agency called Wants in 2011 and is active on Instagram and Twitter. She is still close with Umeda Erika and Arihara Kanna and went to see C-ute in concert several times. 

I adore Megumi. I know she had already left (for quite some years) when I became a fan of C-ute. But seriously this girl is so much! Her voice is really amazing and unique, one that actually matched Airi's voice so well. Her dancing was undeniably amazing and her face is so cute. 
I am positive that Megu would have been center with Airi a lot if she had stayed. They would have maybe made C-ute even bigger. I don't know. It makes me sad that Megumi left and that one of the reasons might have been that people were following her to find a scandal. Did she actually date that boy? I don't know and frankly I don't care. Did she leave C-ute for school? Could be, but why leave C-ute so suddenly after already recording their major debut? 
Ofcourse Megumi will come to C-ute's last concert. C-ute really is different when it is about their graduated members. Their names were in Mugen Climax and Gamusha Life. I am sure Megumi will come. My biggest wish is for all members to be reunited on stage, but that will not happen. At least we might see some pictures of her with the other members once they have all graduated Hello!Pro. 


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