Arigatou ~Mugen no C-ute~: Masterpost

Arigatou~Mugen no C-ute~

Ahhh, how did this day arrive so soon? I can not believe I am actually starting my masterpost for my goodbye to C-ute... I am already crying all over the floor. Someone please stop me, 

As with Berryz Koubou, I really really want to pay this group tribute by doing all sorts of posts about them. I will actually do it the same way as with Berryz. Which means there will be posts about the girls themselfs, How I got to know them, some of my favorite songs/albums and much more. 

As we get closer to their graduation/disbandment concert the post might get smaller as it will hurt more to write about these wonderful girls. Yet let's do this!
Please do give me your thoughts on every post and how you are feeling these days!

Arigatou~Mugen no C-ute~


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