Hello!Pro Friends: Best friendships in Hello!Project

When you think of Hello!Project, you think of the many groups and the incredible amount of members and past members. There are so many girls, which also means that there are a lot of incredible friendships! 
Let me talk to you about a few of the best friendships in Hello!Pro history but let's focus on the more recent friendships (from around the platinum era until now). Remember this is my opinion on them, but feel free to tweet me your favorite friendships!

Sudo Maasa and Kumai Yurina
Who doesn't love these two? The friendship between Maasa and Yurina is incredibly strong and they are still the best of friends. Both girls post a lot about eachother and hang out quite often. They even visit eachothers events as guests! I am really happy to see how they are still such great friends and I hope their friendship will last forever!

Kamei Eri and Michishige Sayumi
Another legendary friendship is Eri and Sayumi. They became close during 6th gen trainingcamp and have been close eversince. Even after Kamei's graduation the two often saw eachother and even now they are still hanging out (if we may believe blogposts from others). 

Mitsui Aika and Hagiwara Mai'
Aika and Mai have been best friends for a long long time. When Aika was still in Japan, the two of them did a lot of things togheter. They have matching jewelry and bring eachother presents from when they are out of the country. Yesterday Mai did a big post about Aika for her birthday.

Wada Ayaka and Iikubo Haruna
Ayaka and Harunan have been friends eversince Harunan joined Morning Musume. They are really close to eachother in age and have similair interests, which made them great friends. They hang out togheter a lot and when they have events or concerts togheter, there will be a lot of pictures of them togheter. They even phone eachother during their birthday events or leave messages.

Niigaki Risa and Ikuta Erina
Maybe not a traditional friendship and it certainly didn't start as one. Ikuta has been a fan of Gaki eversince they starred in their first play togheter. They gradually became great friends and are still hanging out quite often. Ikuta still looks up to Gaki, while Gaki watches over her, which is cute.

Fukuda Kanon and Ogawa Saki
Ofcourse the original 4 member of S/mileage were really close with eachother. Yet Saki and Kanon are known to have been te best of friends eversince they joined Hello!Pro Eggs. Even after Saki's graduation they stayed close and Kanon still posts about Saki on twitter and her blog.

Yajima Maimi and Tokunaga Chinami
It is well known that Maimi and Chii are really good friends. They have been talking about eachother on their blogs and they always hung out a lot. Chii is now in America, so they can't hang out anymore. Yet they will probably always stay close!

Takahashi Ai and Linlin
Ai and Linlin are also known to be really good friends. They still see eachother and meet up. Ai went to China several times and even wrote a song with Linlin. Linlin also came to Japan and met up with Ai. The two have had a great relationship eversince they were in Momusu togheter.

Fukumura Mizuki and Ishida Ayumi
Fuku and Ayumi have been friends since Ayumi joined. They are close in age and even have a pairing name AyuMizu. They often hang out and have a song togheter (Daisuki 100manten). This month AyuMizu will have a fan club bustour togheter!

Tanaka Reina and Sato Masaki
Reina said a lot of times that she is not the easiest to befriend, but it seems like Masaki did the trick. They were really close in Morning Musume, Masaki even calling Reina Tanasatan. A lot of members say Masaki is a copy of Reina in many ways. They still hang out and Masaki sometimes goes to events held by Reina.

Suzuki Kanon and Oda Sakura
Sakura is ofcourse alone in her generation and had said she was quite lonely. But Kanon always listened to her and they became friends fast. Sakura had quite a heart breaking speech for Kanon during her graduation. I wonder if they still hang out. 

Yanagawa Nanami & Funaki Musubu
When Nanami and Musubu were announced as second gen, they almost immidiatly became besties. They have almost always been togeter and they were also paired togheter a lot in songs. The girls even had their own event!

Ogata Haruna and Nonaka Miki
Haruna and Miki became great friends after they passed the 12th generation auditions. They gave themselfs the pairing name HaaChel and hang out togheter often. As a generation they are already really close, but their friendship seems to be even stronger!

Niinuma Kisora and Asakura Kiki
Another quite famouse pair of friends are Kisora and Kiki also know as Kikisora. They became really close after joining Tsubaki Factory and still are. Since the new girls joined however both girls got other friends (Kiki and Saori, Kisora and Mao), but they are still really close. 

There are so many more friendships in Hello!Project. But this is it for now! I know there are a lot of other great ones (GakiKame AiGaki PonPon RihoZukki etc etc). So let's see eachother in another blopost, shall we!


  1. In times of great division and rivalry, it's always nice to hear about the friendships and bonds. Thank you so much for sharing this info.

    1. Thank you so much! Friendships within Hello!Pro are so beautiful <3


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