A C-ute Goodbye: Wakkyanai (Z)

Single Name: Wakkyanai (Z)
Single Number: 4th Indies Single
Release date: 29 July, 2006
Editions: 1
Members: Umeda ErikaYajima MaimiMurakami Megumi(LAST), Arihara KanaNakajima Saki, Suzuki AiriOkai ChisatoHagiwara Mai
B-sides: -
Sold: Unknown

1. What member centers this song?
 Murakami Megumi and Suzuki Airi
2. What is the best part of the MV?
This song didn't have a MV. Wakkyanai (Z) had a live version, which is really cute, but not an MV.
3. What is the best line in the lyrics of this song?
"Egao no kamisama miryoku wo kudasai" Which means something along the line of God of Smiles, please give me charm. It's a cute line and so innocent!
4. What were the outfits for this single and who had the best one?
These pink outfits were the outfits for this single, but they were never actually worn for a preformance. They are quite cute though and Arihara-chan really made it look to cute for words. And look at that Airi with high ponytail <3!!
5. What is the best preformance of this song?
6. Which cover was the best for this single?
Again one cover and it doesn't even look like a real cover...
7. Describe the b-side in one sentence.
No b-side... But this is the last one!


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