Dream Setlist: Ikuta Erina & Ogata Haruna event ~Double Trouble~

It is quite well known that Ikuta Erina and Ogata Haruna get along very well.
Ogata once told Ikuta that after Sayashi Riho, she was her favorite member before joining and from that a great friendship formed. And here I am imagening a event between the two. 

Ikuta Erina & Ogata Haruna Event ~Double Trouble~
1. RoboKiss
Just think about it. Both members might not be as vocal gifted as other, but wouldn't this be the cutest thing ever. I really really want them to do this song and just have  great time preforming it. 
2. Summer has Come! 
I love this song. I adore the energy and the whole feel it has. I think it is just a lot of fun to see being preformed and I think these two girls will have that energy to preform it right! 
3. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~
I really want this song to be preformed by Ikuta again and have Ogata doing all the other parts. It will just be really fun and cute to see the interaction between the two during this song.
4. Nee~- Ogata Haruna
I really think Ogata would preform this song perfectly. It just such a fluffy and fun song, just like Ogata-chan!
5. Little Princess Pri- Ikuta Erina
Not everyone might know, but this was Ikuta's audition song. Before Gaki, she loved Meada Yuuka, so this song was very dear to her. I really really really want her to preform this!
6. Shanimuni Paradise
Another fun and happy song. I think both girls would look so funny doing the dance!
7. Haru Beautiful Everyday
YES! This song! I really want them to preform this in cute white dresses with flowers in their hair. Please I need them doing this song!
8. Hand Made City
Going out with a bang and what bang is better than Hand Made City! It might be a bit hard as it is a group song, but I think Ogata and Ikuta will rock the house with this!

What do you think Ikuta and Ogata should sing if their ever had an event? What songs did you like on my list and where would you change things?


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