A C-ute Goodbye: Massara Blue Jeans

Single Name: Massara Blue Jeans
Single Number: 1st Indies single
Release date: May 6, 2006
Editions: 1
Members: Umeda Erika, Yajima Maimi, Murakami Megumi, Arihara KanaNakajima Saki, Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai
B-sides: -
Sold: Unknown

1. What member centers this song?
Yajima Maimi
2. What is the best part of the MV?
Around 3.20, when Megumi hits her amazing note!
3. What is the best line in the lyrics of this song?
I guess: IMAJINEESHON Saa ookiku fukuramasete, which means something along the line of: My Imagination is made to keep growing. I like that.
4. What were the outfits for this single and who had the best one?
This indies single actually had two different outfits. The outfits on the covers and the ones in the MV. For me the MV outfits were way WAY better and looked so cute on the girls. Megu stood out to me in this outfit, just like Erika. Their bodies seemed to really fit this outfit.
5. What is the best preformance of this song?
Only one anwser would be right here: their very first preformance in Saitama Super Arena!
6. Which cover was the best for this single?
The only so the best. It is cute however. Funny how they are obviously pushing Kanna here.
7. Describe the b-side in one sentence.
Indies single! So no b-side :(


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