Juuki members and I

Let's talk some more about the Juuki members!
I think that 10th gen is my favorite generation of Morning Musume. 
This was the second generation I followed from the auditions and yet they feel way more special to me than 9th gen, which is quite weird... 
Maybe it's because I think all members are amazing or maybe it is because I think they were all good additions to Morning Musume in their own way. I can't really tell why I love this generation so much.
I remember the auditions so well! This periode in Hello!Pro history was really something. 9th gen had just joined, so this was the second generation to join within a year! S/mileage also announced their second generation, which came as a big shock to many. Two big auditions were held around the same time and would give us 9 new faces!
While I was following the auditions I was an immidate fan of Kudo and Ayumi. I also really like a girls named Sara. Looking back I was sure Harunan would get in, as she was already known by the public and I thought Tsunku would like that. I had my doubts for Haruka, because I really wanted Karin in S/mileage and she didn't make it. Ayumi and Sara were also my picks, but only Ayumi made it in and we got Sato Masaki, which wasn't a girl I had in my mind at all. I remember actually wishing for the biggest Morning Musume generation ever. 
When the girls were announced I was so exited. I thought Haruka would be my favorite forever, yet Ayumi and Harunan took over her place so quick. 
The biggest thing about this generation for me is how well balanced they are. We have Harunan, who is like the big sister of her generation and who is very fashionable. We have Ayumin, who is the best at dancing. We have Masaki, who is spoiled, yet has a voice that some would kill for. And we have Haruka, the acting goddess! I really think this generation is amazing.
I am so scared one of them will leave. I have this feeling that they waited until they were the longest generation to stay togheter. I don't want any of them to leave... 
10th gen is such a great generation and I really hope they will all stay for quite a while and make the record for longest full gen a hard one to break!
For now, let's support Morning Musume and their 10th generation until the end! And maybe in a month or more we have another generation to speculate about!


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